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Mario Farag

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Mario Farag is senior director of product marketing with SAP. With 15+ years of experience in the software industry, Mario has served in various functions from business operations to product management and go to market. Currently Mario is responsible for SAP’s analytics mobile strategy and HR line of business.

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How Data Will Save Smaller Retailers From The ‘Amazon Apocalypse’

5-Mar-2018 | Mario Farag

Recent news of Amazon’s plans to build a second headquarters has gained mass attention for a variety of reasons. In one respect, it could bring as many as 50,000 jobs to the chosen state. But for sm

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Why Analytics Are So Important For Businesses In 2018

12-Feb-2018 | Mario Farag

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] Last year, most of the world swooned over new technological evolutions such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and automat