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Margot Heiligman is the Director of Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy at SAP Hybris. She is responsible for developing innovative and strategic marketing programs for SAP's Customer Engagement Solutions leveraging business influencers, thought leadership, communities, content marketing, and social media strategy.


Grow Now: Cloud Billing Solutions Mean Real-Time Revenue Opportunity

28-Dec-2017 | Margot Heiligman

Your business is moving to the cloud. Your revenue is moving to the cloud. Every product will become a service – and the revenue streams you’ve built your business upon will change or disappear

Your Weapon Of Mass Engagement: Engaging Your Partners Like Never Before

19-Feb-2015 | Margot Heiligman

Partner engagement is mission-critical to a successful business partner relationship.  Although the nature of the partner relationship may vary by company or industry; you’ll still be taking a jour

The Way Of The Peaceful Marketer

12-Dec-2014 | Margot Heiligman

A peaceful marketer? In a real-time, socially-networked, mobile-driven, digitally-connected world? One of the best books I read in college wasn’t a text book. It was recommended by my computer sc

Cyber Monday Preview: Why Alibaba’s Customer Service Is Better Than Yours

30-Nov-2014 | Margot Heiligman

Free shipping does not a loyal customer make The reason that Alibaba is serving customers better than you, can be summed up in two words: margins and shipping.  According to eConsultancy, Amazon

Unlock The Science of Relationships And Sell The Social Customer

17-May-2013 | Margot Heiligman

Social Cues Science World Report disclosed recently that the more the number of past romantic relationships a study participant had, the more interests they list on their Facebook profile.  Until

6 Ways B2B Marketers Can Use For Contextual Marketing

16-May-2013 | Margot Heiligman

When we said our goodbyes to Google Reader last month, B2B marketers were looking for ways to fill a void of a content curation staging place.  Relevant curation of content and contextual marketing

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8 Social Technology Trends Enabling (or Disabling) Customer Engagement

20-Mar-2013 | Margot Heiligman

Some of the many challenges for sales, marketing and customer service professionals today are  personalized, meaningful customer engagements across the social web – interactions that are tailored s

Attention Span

Has Our Attention Span Become Too Short For Video?

27-Feb-2013 | Margot Heiligman

I spent the early half of Feb 11th week at MediaPost’s Social Media Insider Summit – a 3-day event where vendors and agencies learn from and engage with brands participating in all aspects of soci

The Digital Customer And The Real Return On Engagement [Video]

21-Feb-2013 | Margot Heiligman

What is the real return on engagement, and how has the digital customer changed the scope and scale of how we interact with real customers via the social web? Recently, Chris Brogan and SAP’s Jam

What’s A Company Like You Doing In A [Social] Place Like This?

12-Feb-2013 | Margot Heiligman

Do you have a team listening to what is being said about your company on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and discussion forums?  Better yet, are your social savvy responding to the customer service reque