Marcus Starke

The Next Feeding Frenzy: Why A Short Video Is Your Next Advertising Campaign

19-Nov-2014 | Marcus Starke

Sharing videos on social media is all the rage, and investors are lining up to get in on the action.  ust this week, Ocho, a new video-based social networking app, which is in the same space as T

What Lies Ahead For 2015: Viewing Marketing Measurement In A Whole New Light

22-Oct-2014 | Marcus Starke

Yes, it’s that time of the year when CMO’s take pause, reflect on this year’s takeaways, and consider next year’s marketing playbook.  What corporate goals lie ahead for marketing to support

Are You Still A B2B Marketer?

8-Sep-2014 | Marcus Starke

In the real world, we all know that brick buildings don’t make purchase decisions, people do.   Humanizing the brand and creating messages about people to reach a potential buyer is how B2B market

Four Technology Trends Businesses Need To Embrace

7-Jul-2014 | Marcus Starke

Today’s world is moving faster than ever. To thrive, in both business and in life, embracing change is the only option.  Unfortunately, few organizations are changing as fast as necessary in this a

IT Spend On The Rise For CMOs

10-Jun-2014 | Marcus Starke

A revolution of sorts is taking place at companies around the world. These days, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is operating at the center of the enterprise, laser-focused on executing market st

edeka commercial super geil

Channel First: Lessons From The “Supergeil” EDEKA Commercial [VIDEO]

11-Apr-2014 | Marcus Starke

The viral campaign “supergeil” (in English “super-hot”) has brought worldwide attention to the German supermarket chain EDEKA. More than eight million people have watched the video on YouTube

Chief Customer Officer: Overdue Or Not Needed?

5-Mar-2014 | Marcus Starke

A rapid increase in the number of Chief Customer Officers (CCOs) has occurred globally. There are now more than 450 CCOs, whereas only approximately 30 existed a decade ago. The purpose of this role i

Leading Now And In The Future

14-Feb-2014 | Marcus Starke

The millennials now joining the workforce want to work in teams, perform meaningful tasks and have flexible jobs. This is a good thing. It is in line with current trends in corporations. Command and c

Lessons In Marketing And PR, From FC Bayern Munich

3-Jan-2014 | Marcus Starke

Lessons from soccer, basketball and other team sports can carry over to marketing and public relations (PR): roles are merging and the game is getting faster. We all need additional skill-sets, new st

Are You Nurturing Your Marketing Leadership Tree?

20-Sep-2013 | Marcus Starke

At SAP, professional sports is a growing industry. Sports teams and sports leagues are coming to SAP for sports solutions, ranging from statistics to analytics for player scouting to creating a better