Manju Bansal

Can Big Data Make Our Bridges Safer?

29-Oct-2013 | Manju Bansal

South Padres Island, TX, 2001. Minneapolis, MN, 2007. Seattle, WA, 2013. Three towns in three different parts of the country, yet inextricably linked by a common type of disaster – a bridge collapse

The Mobile Entrepreneurs of India

2-Aug-2013 | Manju Bansal

In India, the introduction of personal identification numbers and proliferation of mobile telephony are introducing changes that benefit micro-entrepreneurs. India remains one of the world’s larg

Privacy And Big Data: Is ‘Minority Report’ Science Fiction?

10-Jul-2013 | Manju Bansal

Privacy and Big Data A few days ago I happened to be watching a re-run of Minority Report, the 2002 neo-noir science fiction starring Tom cruise as “Precrime” Captain John Anderton. As many of

Students Use Big Data To Analyze Crime In San Francisco

13-Jun-2013 | Manju Bansal

San Francisco, the lovely City by the Bay, is generally a safe place to live, especially when compared to other cities of similar size. Homicides are about half of what they were a few years ago, a

India: Where Tradition Meets Technolgy

India: Where Tradition Meets GPS-Enabled Rickshaws And Biometric Scans

20-Feb-2013 | Manju Bansal

Auto rickshaws are the lifeline for a significant number of commuters in most towns and cities in India. (Image credit: AFP/Getty Images via @daylife) As countries experience rapid growth, it i

India Opens Its Retail Sector, Why The IT Guys Should Rejoice

23-Oct-2012 | Manju Bansal

A few days ago, New Delhi announced a policy opening India’s notoriously fragmented and inefficient retail sector for a 51% foreign ownership in multi-brand retail (think Wal-Mart) and 100% ownershi