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Manju Bansal is the Vice President of SAP Startup Focus. He works with promising startups and enable them to build their solutions on SAP's technology stack including HANA and HCP.

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Looking For The Needle In A Stack Of Needles: Tracking Shadow Economic Activities In The Age Of Big Data

6-May-2014 | Manju Bansal

The undocumented guys hanging out in the home-improvement-store parking lot looking for day labor, the neighborhood kids running a lemonade stand, and Al Qaeda terrorists plotting to do harm all have

Can Big Data Make Our Bridges Safer?

29-Oct-2013 | Manju Bansal

South Padres Island, TX, 2001. Minneapolis, MN, 2007. Seattle, WA, 2013. Three towns in three different parts of the country, yet inextricably linked by a common type of disaster – a bridge collapse

The Mobile Entrepreneurs of India

2-Aug-2013 | Manju Bansal

In India, the introduction of personal identification numbers and proliferation of mobile telephony are introducing changes that benefit micro-entrepreneurs. India remains one of the world’s larg

Privacy And Big Data: Is ‘Minority Report’ Science Fiction?

10-Jul-2013 | Manju Bansal

Privacy and Big Data A few days ago I happened to be watching a re-run of Minority Report, the 2002 neo-noir science fiction starring Tom cruise as “Precrime” Captain John Anderton. As many of

Students Use Big Data To Analyze Crime In San Francisco

13-Jun-2013 | Manju Bansal

San Francisco, the lovely City by the Bay, is generally a safe place to live, especially when compared to other cities of similar size. Homicides are about half of what they were a few years ago, a

India: Where Tradition Meets Technolgy

India: Where Tradition Meets GPS-Enabled Rickshaws And Biometric Scans

20-Feb-2013 | Manju Bansal

Auto rickshaws are the lifeline for a significant number of commuters in most towns and cities in India. (Image credit: AFP/Getty Images via @daylife) As countries experience rapid growth, it i

India Opens Its Retail Sector, Why The IT Guys Should Rejoice

23-Oct-2012 | Manju Bansal

A few days ago, New Delhi announced a policy opening India’s notoriously fragmented and inefficient retail sector for a 51% foreign ownership in multi-brand retail (think Wal-Mart) and 100% ownershi

India’s Real Estate Boom Yields Suitcases Full Of Cash

13-Sep-2012 | Manju Bansal

An Indian pedestrian walks past the newly constructed upside down architectural clubhouse 'Caracella Club' which stands in part of a recent development at Indirapuram some 30kms south-east of New Delh

Why Are New Zealand’s Sheep Disappearing?

5-Jun-2012 | Manju Bansal

The asphalt was smooth, the sky azure blue and the mountains in the distance stunning. If it weren’t for the strong whiff of manure wafting in, it might have been perfect New Zealand day. Since 1999