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About Mandar Paralkar

Mandar Paralkar is the director of Global Life Sciences Industry Solution Management at SAP, where he has a leading role in creating the industry solution strategy and global business plans. He works with customers to define industry requirements to corporate development and shares global life sciences trends and solution innovations internally and externally. Further, he supports customer engagements with his deep industry expertise that includes a sound compliance and validation background.

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Top Uses For Machine Learning In Life Sciences

17-Aug-2017 | Mandar Paralkar

Empowering business growth with disruptive technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence has become a norm in IT, and machine learning is leading th

The Internet Of Things In Life Sciences

9-Mar-2017 | Mandar Paralkar

As healthcare IT increasingly leverages mobility and cloud technology to connect with medical devices and fitness apparel and to monitor patient conditions, traditional life science manufacturers

From Product To Service: The Changing Role Of Medical Devices

21-Jun-2016 | Mandar Paralkar

The medical industry is changing. Digital advancements and hyperconnectivity make it possible to rethink approaches to healthcare. The emphasis on digital customer engagement is getting stronger. Digi

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SAPPOV: Life Sciences Have Nothing To Fear From Social Media

10-Dec-2013 | Mandar Paralkar

For any business, particularly one with heavy regulations, social media can be a scary thing. There can be nothing cavalier in one’s attitude when dealing with life sciences and people’s health. B