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Malcolm Faulkner previously served as the Senior Director of Product Marketing at SAP. He was responsible for product marketing of financial planning and analysis with SAP Enterprise Performance Management solutions.

Part 2: Technology Imperative For Financial Planning And Analysis

30-Oct-2014 | Malcolm Faulkner

In part one of this series of blogs I made the argument that most companies are way behind the “technology wave” and struggling with persistent, fundamental issues that are hard to fix. In this bl

Addressing The Fundamentals Is Top Priority Within Finance

7-Oct-2014 | Malcolm Faulkner

In the opening blog for my new series on the technology imperative for financial planning and analysis, I will address two points that apply to most companies: Thinking they are behind the technol

Filling The Gaps In Performance Management

1-Nov-2013 | Malcolm Faulkner

Last time out, I discussed the gaps that are frequently found in many organizations’ immature financial performance management cycles; this time, I’ll talk about filling them. Why focus on strateg

Performance Management Means More Than Planning And Budgeting

22-Oct-2013 | Malcolm Faulkner

Analysts, consultants, and software vendors alike are espousing the virtues of end-to-end, integrated software solutions to enable financial planning and analysis processes. Despite this, the majority

The New Mantra for Better Financial Planning and Analysis

10-Sep-2013 | Malcolm Faulkner

Managing financial planning and analysis is an end-to-end process that starts with strategy definition and documentation. It then goes through the detailed planning, budgeting, and forecasting process

Seven Common Scorecarding Mistakes To Avoid

2-Jul-2013 | Malcolm Faulkner

Any new endeavor takes time to master. Realistically, it takes at least three attempts to acquire the requisite experience needed to get it right. This is certainly true of IT projects (at least in my

Sustainability & Technology Drive Financial Performance Management

17-Jun-2013 | Malcolm Faulkner

Drivers of Financial Performance Management Debate will rage as to the longevity of the current low-growth, high-unemployment economic volatility and whether it’s really a “new normal,” or even

What Is Enterprise Performance Management?

11-Jun-2013 | Malcolm Faulkner

When we’re immersed in an area of expertise, it’s all too common to assume everyone knows what the acronyms mean—ERP, CRM, or EPM for example. BI (Business Intelligence) is another one. So I was

IT Priorities: Nothing Changes in the Face of New and Big Changes

25-Oct-2012 | Malcolm Faulkner

Towards the end of the year, McKinsey releases its global survey on IT. In these surveys, they ask “executives across all functions, industries, and regions about their companies’ use of, expectat

Enabling Performance Management Part Four: Best Practices in Key Performance Indicators

17-Oct-2012 | Malcolm Faulkner

Key performance indicators (KPIs) would seem, on the surface, one of the most straightforward topics to grasp. However the process of defining a meaningful set of KPIs is a lot harder than it might