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Mahira Kalim works in Product Marketing of Internet of Things at SAP. Her specialties include product marketing, thought leadership, business strategy and development, competitive analysis and strategic partnerships.

Managing The Internet Of Things Revolution

16-May-2014 | Mahira Kalim

We’ve all seen the stats: By 2020, there will be 50 billion Internet-connected devices; 200 billion connected “things,” from processors to utility meters to cars; and approaching $15 trillion in

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The Internet Of Things Becomes Real With Cisco’s IOx

3-Feb-2014 | Mahira Kalim

Analysts predict there will be between 50-75 billion connected things by 2020. That means more than 200 connected things per person. These connected things will generates billions of terabytes of data

IDC’s 2014 Predictions For The Internet Of Things

23-Jan-2014 | Mahira Kalim

In case you thought the Internet of Things (IoT) is just another fad that will pass away, think again... IDC just released their 2014 predictions for the Internet of Things and you can expect a ton

How the Internet of Things is Raising Your IQ

6-May-2013 | Mahira Kalim

Future for the Internet of Things In a mere 7 years, there will be anywhere from 24 to 50 billion internet connected devices. That means between 3 to 6.5 devices for every man, woman, and child on th

Mobile Development: The Top 10 Mistakes That Could Get You Fired

Mobile Development: The Top 10 Mistakes That Could Get You Fired

29-Apr-2013 | Mahira Kalim

By now, we know there are mobile devices on earth than the human population, and the key role that smartphones and tablets will play in redefining workplace of the future. As you get started with your

Mobile Banking For The Unbanked

Mobile Banking For The Unbanked

22-Apr-2013 | Mahira Kalim

Providing Basic Banking Services With Mobile Banking In sub-Sahara Africa, more than 80% of people have no access to traditional financial services.  This has been one of the great challenges in fig

Keeping Up With Mobility Acronyms

10-Apr-2013 | Mahira Kalim

Here is a quick word puzzle. How many mobility acronyms can you find?  If you are trying to keep up with mobility acronyms, here is a quick guide: CoIT – Consumerzation of IT – Analysts are

Navigating The New Mobile World

Navigating The New Mobile World

28-Mar-2013 | Mahira Kalim

It has been nearly 2 years since the FAA approved an iPad-based electronic charts app as a replacement for paper charts pilots have always been required to carry. Replacing a 45 pound back of charts w

The Mobile Retail Experience [Infographic]

19-Dec-2012 | Mahira Kalim

Mobile apps are rapidly changing the way people shop. Shoppers are using their smartphones and tablets to compare prices, read product reviews, look for coupons, and track loyalty points. Today, smart