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I am a recent graduate of International Management from Germany and have been working for SAP as an intern since April 2011 in Galway, Ireland and since March 2012 in New York. I am interested in social media, marketing, advertising, current affairs, technology news, politics and photography. In my spare time I love going to Broadway shows or a good movie as well as strolling around this exciting city.


Brite Conference 2013: Brands, Innovation, Technology – Pt 2

18-Mar-2013 | Luisa Ruppert

I recently had the pleasure of attending Columbia Business School’s Brite Conference around Brands, Innovation, and Technology with representatives of the school as well as renowned brands such as I

Brite Conference 2013: Brands, Innovation, Technology – Pt 1

12-Mar-2013 | Luisa Ruppert

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Columbia Business School’s Brite Conference around Brands, Innovation, and Technology with representatives of the school as well as well-known brands suc


How Analytics Improve Our Lives

13-Feb-2013 | Luisa Ruppert

Analytics for Businesses $50 billion. That’s the amount companies spend on Big Data and advanced analytics with high expectations it will impact their bottom line.  And research proves them r


Persistent Myths About Predictive Analytics And Big Data

7-Feb-2013 | Luisa Ruppert

Doug Levin, CEO of Quant5, states that today’s predictive analytics software has proven to be a reliable business asset. Predictive analytics are calculations that are based on current and histor


Facebook’s Graph Search And The Role Of Big Data

31-Jan-2013 | Luisa Ruppert

When Facebook announced their newest product, the Facebook Graph Search, it sounded like the social network giant had created their own ‘Google’ enriched with personal recommendations from users


Big Data’s Impact On Sales And Marketing

23-Jan-2013 | Luisa Ruppert

Sales and Marketing teams all over the globe are very challenged in today’s world. A 2012 CSO Insights survey found that nearly 82% of participating executives feel that their sales team is ch

Integration Of Social Media With CRM In Banking And Financial Services

17-Jan-2013 | Luisa Ruppert

Many businesses across industries have integrated social media into their CRM systems early on; some better than others. It’s not only about the adaptation but knowing how to leverage social medi

Social CRM

Social CRM – Still A Mystery For Most

14-Jan-2013 | Luisa Ruppert

A recent blog post suggests that most businessmen know about Social CRM but only a few are using it in the right way to get the most out of it; correct adaptation still remains a mystery for most.