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Lisa James

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Lisa James develops suitable strategy, messaging and positioning to support respective business and pipeline objectives for SAP Hybris solutions. She is an expert and recognized thought leader and evangelist inside SAP, influencing internal solution innovations, core marketing strategies, and external company perception.

Three Hidden Trends Shaping Customer Service And Field Service

30-Jan-2018 | Lisa James

We are all very aware of the three acronyms that are having a huge impact in customer service and digital adoption as a whole: AI, IOT, and ML. Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and mach

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Automate Customer Service In Three Steps With AI And Machine Learning

1-Dec-2017 | Lisa James

Lately we have been hearing the word “automation” a lot in the context of digital disruption. Automate processes. Automate delivery. Automate your front-office strategy. Yet automation

Death Of The Laggard: How Customer Service Is Reshaping The Product Adoption Life Cycle

29-Sep-2017 | Lisa James

At some point in your educational career you likely fell upon the product adoption lifecycle: The popular bell curve which divides customers into five distinct groups based on their rate of adoption f

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Game Of Thrones Reveals Five Ways To Build And Protect Your Brand

15-Sep-2017 | Lisa James

In seven seasons of HBO’s Game of Thrones (or in five books of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire), we have followed separate character journeys as each contender took a separate path to

Customer Service: Are You Ready For The Socially Connected Customer?

14-Jun-2017 | Lisa James

There’s no question that today’s customers are more connected, demanding, and informed. The common expectation is for consistent service to be available 24/7 across channels and devices, and prefe

Proactive Customer Service Is The New Black

12-Jun-2017 | Lisa James

Let’s face it: These days, customer satisfaction and loyalty are hard-won. With the click of a mouse, customers can change brands and products, cancel warranties and contracts, and decline technicia

5 Ways Field Service Supports Top-Notch Customer Service

19-Apr-2017 | Lisa James

Sales organizations are often well-oiled machines, delivering the right product at the right time to customers. Keeping customers happy after the sale, by providing customer care that positively refle

How To Acquire (And Keep) Customers With End-To-End Field Service

5-Apr-2017 | Lisa James

Most companies grapple with delivering customer service that increases loyalty and decreases churn. Keeping customers while gaining new ones boosts revenue and strengthens reputations. After all, a

Farewell To The Landline: The Future Of Customer Service

28-Dec-2016 | Lisa James

Remember listening to hold music on the phone as waiting to talk to a customer service agent? False hope rang in your ears when the message, “You are the next caller,” came on the line. When you