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Kris Hansen

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Kris Hansen is senior principal, Financial Services for SAP Canada. He is focused on understanding the financial services industry and identifying new and interesting digital opportunities that create disruptive business value.

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Blockchain: A Better Future For Banking

21-Feb-2017 | Kris Hansen

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) may make several parts of the post-transaction banking process redundant. That’s an exciting prospect in an industry that spends billions on post-trade processin

Blockchain: Poised To Transform The Order Of Human Affairs?

25-Oct-2016 | Kris Hansen

Since becoming ubiquitous around 2002, the Internet has brought humanity together and created a global network of information that has profoundly changed the way we live. The structure of how we con

Can Blockchain Technology Simplify Lending?

5-Jul-2016 | Kris Hansen

Canadian financial services companies are closely watching the developments in blockchain technology, and many discussions around how it can be applied to add business value are underway – featuring

Blockchain: Myth, Distraction, Or Real Enabler?

29-Jun-2016 | Kris Hansen

The financial services industry (or at least the financial services media) is enamoured with the blockchain, inundating us with articles explaining how the world will be completely upended by this tec

Building A Case For The Core

14-Nov-2012 | Kris Hansen

“We want to replace the Core” sounds like a daunting, dangerous and entirely alarming statement. “The Core” implies immutability and permanence, certainly not something to be trifled with

Achieving Regulatory Flexibility

10-Aug-2012 | Kris Hansen

I know that adhering to regulatory requirements is not considered exciting, sexy or exhilarating.  I don’t know of anyone that wakes up in the morning thrilled about changes in the regulatory frame

Financial Services Transformation – For the Faint of Heart

11-Jun-2012 | Kris Hansen

When a type of project is often compared to changing the engines of a 747 when the plane is in flight or the equivalent of open-heart surgery while the patient is running a marathon you know it is goi