Kris Hansen

About Kris Hansen

Kris Hansen, Vice President, Architecture and Management Consulting, Axxiome. Kris is passionate about designing innovative banking solutions and supporting the transformation of financial services organizations. Kris has held senior leadership positions where he has aligned technology and business strategy and facilitated changes in operating models. Kris has experience in a broad array of banking business and technology domains including: mobile banking, analytics for risk, transactional integration, card processing integration, channels transformation, CRM, and business intelligence. Kris also writes about banking transformation on his blog at


Building A Case For The Core

14-Nov-2012 | Kris Hansen

“We want to replace the Core” sounds like a daunting, dangerous and entirely alarming statement. “The Core” implies immutability and permanence, certainly not something to be trifled with

Achieving Regulatory Flexibility

10-Aug-2012 | Kris Hansen

I know that adhering to regulatory requirements is not considered exciting, sexy or exhilarating.  I don’t know of anyone that wakes up in the morning thrilled about changes in the regulatory frame

Financial Services Transformation – For the Faint of Heart

11-Jun-2012 | Kris Hansen

When a type of project is often compared to changing the engines of a 747 when the plane is in flight or the equivalent of open-heart surgery while the patient is running a marathon you know it is goi