Kristin McMahon

Kristin McMahon

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Kristin McMahon is the Director of Solution Marketing, Digital Enterprise Platform, at SAP. She is responsible for product and technical marketing activities for SAP Data Services and Data Quality Management solutions as part of the overreaching Database & Technology and Analytics business units at SAP.


Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad…Data?

5-Feb-2013 | Kristin McMahon

Those of you familiar with the children’s story, “The Three Little Pigs,” know that a big bad wolf visits each of the pigs’ houses in anticipation of a savory meal. However, (spoiler alert

Did You Wash Your Hands? How About Your Data?

23-Mar-2012 | Kristin McMahon

The simple, yet often-forgotten, act of hand-washing. We’ve all heard that it’s one of the best ways of preventing colds and staying well in winter. It’s not hard to do, and we all know we shoul