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Future of Retail

The Future Of Retail [Slides]

19-Mar-2013 | Kim Bhasin

The retail industry is changing more than ever before. E-commerce has disrupted the brick-and-mortar format we've used for hundreds of years. Consumers have more options than ever before and will o

The Secrets Of Social Retail [Slides]

21-Dec-2012 | Kim Bhasin

Retailers can no longer ignore social, but if they're going to get involved, they have to do it right. Tara Hunt, CEO and co-founder of fashion recommendation site Buyosphere and director of digi

We’re Entering A New Age Of Holiday Shopping

10-Dec-2012 | Kim Bhasin

The holidays are the most crucial time of the year for retailers across the country, and this year, we're seeing some major changes in the shopping experience. With the rise of mobile and social, a