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Karen McDermott

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Karen McDermott is Global Head of Financial Services Industries Marketing and Communications at SAP, responsible for driving the growth of SAP's value proposition as a technology provider, trusted business partner, and thought leader for the financial services industry.

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Banking IT Leaders Can Drive Digital Transformation With Internal Partners, Fintech Collaboration

27-Mar-2017 | Karen McDermott

Banks today are in a position of strength when it comes to digitalization. In general, banks still hold two important assets – customers and data. Banks looking to leverage and innovate in an era

atm makes public debut 1969

Banks Used To Be Pioneers And Leaders – What Happened?

9-Nov-2016 | Karen McDermott

Back in January 1977, New York City got hit with a major blizzard. Seventeen inches of snow fell, closing banks for days. Banks had launched automatic teller machines (ATMs) sporadically since the 19