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Karen Lynch

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Karen Lynch is the Vice President, Global Wholesale Distribution Industry Business Unit at SAP. She sets the vision and direction and execute the go to market plan to address the needs of Wholesale Distributors across the globe by using SAP solutions.

The Customer Value Lifecycle Of The Supply Chain

17-May-2017 | Karen Lynch

Omnichannel is by no means a new term in the business world. It’s the cross-channel business model companies use to elevate the customer experience. Users of the omnichannel business model conte

Customer Intimacy: ‚ÄúDude Looks Like A Lady‚ÄĚ

24-Jan-2017 | Karen Lynch

It‚Äôs been reported that the well-known Aerosmith song, ‚ÄúDude Looks Like a Lady‚ÄĚ was conceived after Steven Tyler, lead singer of this iconic group, saw Vince Neil of Motley Crue in a bar. At the

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Amazon-Like Customer Experiences Are Within Reach For Small And Midsize Wholesalers

24-Jan-2017 | Karen Lynch

Part 9¬†of the ‚ÄúDigitally Transforming Industries‚Ä̬†series Small and midsize distributors sat up and took notice this past year when Amazon entered wholesale sales. For years, wholesale firms r

digital transformation, digital business, SMB, B2B. distribution

Small And Midsize Distributors And The Opportunity To Ignite Supply Chain Value

17-Jan-2017 | Karen Lynch

Part 8¬†of the ‚ÄúDigitally Transforming Industries‚Ä̬†series The entire wholesale distribution market is at a defining moment that can mean the difference between business success and failure. Te

Winning The Gold Medal In Wholesale Distribution

7-Sep-2016 | Karen Lynch

Digital predator or digital prey, disrupt or be disrupted, adapt or die … We’ve all heard these terms as it relates to the wholesale distribution industry, and they should be cause for every on

Internet Of Things Drives New Business Models For Wholesale Distributors

9-Jun-2016 | Karen Lynch

Today, we work in a hyperconnected world where people and objects are linked together constantly. A digital economy is driving transformational change for companies in nearly every industry. For wh

Reimagined Workforce Drives Efficiency For Distributors

3-Jun-2016 | Karen Lynch

Our daily lives are inundated with technology. Our mobile devices are always in reach, and we use apps for everything. We are all more tech-savvy than ever before. That makes us more demanding as both

Innovator Or Follower? Reimagined Processes Keep Distributors In The Lead

24-May-2016 | Karen Lynch

The world is moving ever faster. Customers demand a wider variety of products and services with shorter delivery times. Competitive markets demand that wholesale distributors become more efficient.

Digital Trends In Wholesale Distribution

12-May-2016 | Karen Lynch

We are witnessing an unmatched era of market change and true business innovation. Industry lines are becoming blurred, offering new opportunities‚Äďbut also creating new competition. Distribution comp

3 Ways Reimagining Your Business Model Can Generate New Revenue

11-May-2016 | Karen Lynch

Today’s competitive markets demand that wholesale distributors evolve faster, become more efficient, and provide memorable customer experiences. For decades, distributors have thrived primarily on g