Karen Lynch

Karen Lynch

About Karen Lynch

Karen Lynch is the Vice President, Global Wholesale Distribution Industry Business Unit at SAP. She sets the vision and direction and execute the go to market plan to address the needs of Wholesale Distributors across the globe by using SAP solutions.

Using Data To Optimize Wholesale Distribution

3-Feb-2015 | Karen Lynch

In talking with wholesale distributors around the world, I’m always amazed at just how much data they collect and store in-house. From original manufacturing and assembly data to shipping and logist

Change Matters: Using Technology To Satisfy Wholesale Distribution Customers

27-Jan-2015 | Karen Lynch

Wholesale distributors are looking for imaginative new ways to offer their customers a smooth, productive, multichannel shopping experience. At the same time, they want to take advantage of the compre

Cloud Computing for Wholesale Distributors: You Don’t Need to be a Meteorologist!

30-Mar-2012 | Karen Lynch

Cumulus, Stratus, Cirrus, Nimbus, Private, Public:  The options are vast and the jargon is confusing. As Joni Mitchell so eloquently put it: I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, From up