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Kai Goerlich is the Idea Director of Thought Leadership at SAP. His specialties include Competitive Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Corporate Foresight, Trends, Futuring and ideation. Share your thoughts with Kai on Twitter @KaiGoe.

machine learning

Machine Learning: The Real Business Intelligence

23-Jan-2017 | Kai Görlich

Business intelligence (BI) tools first appeared on the enterprise technology scene several decades ago, at birth clumsy and difficult to use but ultimately improving the flow of data through organizat

Sharing Data Improves Supply Chains

15-Nov-2016 | Kai Görlich

Most people have more stuff than they need. And more often than not, items – such as cars and production machinery – are not in use. For some, owning a car or a professional machine is a status sy

Can Digital Decrease Resource Volatility?

14-Nov-2016 | Kai Görlich

We are living in the Anthropocene era, where human activities have a significant impact on our global ecosystems. Every year, the nonprofit Global Footprint Network, which promotes the sustainable use

(Re)Programming Life

12-Sep-2016 | Kai Görlich

We live in the Anthropocene era; human activity is very clearly the foremost impact on Earth. Today we require the resources of 1.6 Earths to survive, and the most moderate estimates suggest that, if

A Rubbery Tale Of A Global Supply Chain

26-Aug-2016 | Kai Görlich

We use it when we drive a car or ride a bike. It’s in our shoes. It protects our hands when we wash dishes. And it’s in the balloons that make every child’s day. Natural rubber, or latex, is use

IoT platform, wearable technologies, hyperconnectivity

IoT, Sensors, And All Things Digital: Can We Handle It All?

24-Aug-2016 | Kai Görlich

It seems we are all part of a big experiment. We’re testing our data-driven consciousness and determining how much information we can digest and at what speed. And if we continue at our current pace

3d printing, digitization, supply chain, customization

Will The Complexity Of Customization Destroy Supply Chains?

19-Aug-2016 | Kai Görlich

Digitization is making it easier to respond to increasing consumer demand for personalized products. According to a report by SCM World, 90% of customers value individual goods and the majority of su

Will Robots Replicate Their Own Code Or Will We Control It?

17-Aug-2016 | Kai Görlich

The idea of self-replication is as old as life on Earth – if not older. While most scientists agree that it’s an innate prerequisite for sustaining and propagating life, there is a philosophical b

Worker watching robotic arm working on assembly line in factory --- Image by © Ian Lishman/Juice Images/Corbis

Will Algorithms Crash Our Supply Chains?

12-Aug-2016 | Kai Görlich

The man-machine interaction will be one of the biggest problems we have to solve in the future. Algorithms are already behind many industry-standard processes, and they are steadily becoming synonymou

Life With The IoT: Is It The Beginning Or End Of Data Privacy?

10-Aug-2016 | Kai Görlich

Very soon, our society will be awash in data – thanks to devices and sensors enabling the Internet of Things (IoT). According to McKinsey, the IoT’s economic impact could reach as high as US$11 t