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About Kaan Turnali

Specializing in executive mobile analytics, Kaan helps the C-suite drive growth and profitability with business intelligence (BI) solutions. By leading small and agile teams, he creates opportunities for innovation with customer-centric solutions built on the principles of design thinking. He led the development of a new BI platform for the SAP’s Global Customer Operations reporting & analytics landscape and managed its 3x growth in user adoption that served a worldwide base of over 25,000 registered users and generated more than 1 M report views annually.

Single-Click Consultants Need Not Apply

8-May-2014 | Kaan Turnali

A million things can go wrong when you deal with data or technology. Integrating business and technology requires ingenuity, discipline and fortitude. But most important is critical thinking, somethin

Mobile BI Design Framework: Response Time

1-May-2014 | Kaan Turnali

When you design for business intelligence (BI) or mobile BI, the response time (sometimes also referred to as load time ) will always come into question. The concept of fast loading pages is nothing n

Mobile BI Design Framework: Making The Case For Small

24-Apr-2014 | Kaan Turnali

In mobile business intelligence (BI) design, the “case for small” stems from the need to effectively manage performance and response time for mobile experiences. The concept has nothing to do with

5 Signs Of A Successful Mobile BI Initiative

17-Apr-2014 | Kaan Turnali

When it comes to defining success for most technology projects with user rollouts, such as mobile business intelligence (BI), adoption is the key indicator of success. The degree to which users embrac

big data as a strategic marketing asset

Data Is A Strategic Marketing Asset

17-Apr-2014 | Kaan Turnali

Note to Readers: This article is an introduction to a larger series authored by SAP’s Kaan Turnali. Stay tuned for more posts on making data-driven marketing and business decisions in the coming wee

5 Ways To Drive Value With BI Proof Of Concepts

9-Apr-2014 | Kaan Turnali

Proof of concepts (POC) specifically designed for business intelligence (BI) projects can be invaluable because they can help to mitigate or eliminate the risks associated with requirements whether we

Mobile BI Design Framework: Performance With A User Focus

2-Apr-2014 | Kaan Turnali

When we discuss performance in mobile business intelligence (BI), we often talk about two components: response time and availability. I discussed the response time in detail in a previous blog. Today,

Mobile BI Design Framework: The Art of Support

27-Mar-2014 | Kaan Turnali

When it comes to supporting mobile business intelligence (BI) implementations, what we do after we go live is as critical as what we do before. Technology support is art as much as it is science. If y

The Fan Experience Matters: Fan Insight Through Data

24-Mar-2014 | Kaan Turnali

Fan insight is the Holy Grail of fan experience. Sports and entertainment organizations invest a lot of time and resources to better understand who their fans are, what they like and don’t like. Dat

4 Ways To Accelerate Mobile Innovation With Your Customers

20-Mar-2014 | Kaan Turnali

I’m often asked the question, “How can we accelerate mobile innovation?” And my answer has always been the same—getting closer to your mobile customers is the only way! When it comes to mob