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About Kaan Turnali

Specializing in executive mobile analytics, Kaan helps the C-suite drive growth and profitability with business intelligence (BI) solutions. By leading small and agile teams, he creates opportunities for innovation with customer-centric solutions built on the principles of design thinking. He led the development of a new BI platform for the SAP’s Global Customer Operations reporting & analytics landscape and managed its 3x growth in user adoption that served a worldwide base of over 25,000 registered users and generated more than 1 M report views annually.

Empathy, Design Thinking, And An Obsession With Customer-Centric Innovation

26-Jan-2016 | Kaan Turnali

To deliver innovative, customer-centric solutions through design thinking, we must begin with empathy. In its simplest and purest form, empathy enables us to not only experience and understand anot

Competing On Design Thinking

22-Dec-2015 | Kaan Turnali

Steve Jobs famously said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Design thinking takes this notion further and provides a set of tools to power innovation

Analytics Excellence Starts And Ends With Leadership

2-Dec-2015 | Kaan Turnali

In my last post, I described analytics excellence as the relentless pursuit of driving growth and profitability. Of all the pieces we’ll explore in this series, leadership is most important to analy

4 Ways We Can Redefine Innovation In The Enterprise

23-Nov-2015 | Kaan Turnali

If we want to drive growth and profitability in the enterprise, we need to redefine innovation. Changing how we think about innovation directly influences our ability to transform our organization and

Analytics Excellence Is The Relentless Pursuit Of Driving Growth And Profitability

16-Nov-2015 | Kaan Turnali

This is the first in a series of articles exploring how we can drive growth and profitability by pursuing analytics excellence. We will closely examine the elements of leadership, talent, and culture

3 Reasons Why Thought Leadership Matters

10-Nov-2015 | Kaan Turnali

Thought leadership has been at the forefront of digital transformation and continues to expand the idea revolution that started with the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press. It has become a key

6 Tools To Make Your Mobile Design Teams More Effective

29-Jun-2015 | Kaan Turnali

I joined a consulting firm just as I came out of the private sector, where I was the customer of technology. In my new role, I found myself on the opposite side of the intersection of business and tec


Data Innovators In Sports And Entertainment: Uplause

22-Jun-2015 | Kaan Turnali

Mobile technologies, stadia connectivity, and digital infrastructure improvements are all enhancing the sports fan experience, especially during lulls in the action on game day. Some of these technolo

Surveys Generate Data But Don’t Necessarily Replace Hard Data

8-Jun-2015 | Kaan Turnali

Surveys, questionnaires, and polls generate data, but survey data and hard data aren’t the same thing. I often see them treated in the same light in the context of answering business questions or de

Run Simple: Leadership, Talent, And A Culture Of Innovation

1-Jun-2015 | Kaan Turnali

"Simple isn’t the absence of complexity, but a passion for delivering simplicity through innovation." The idea of simple in business and technology has been at the forefront of innovation for c