Kaan Turnali

About Kaan Turnali

Specializing in executive mobile analytics, Kaan helps the C-suite drive growth and profitability with business intelligence (BI) solutions. By leading small and agile teams, he creates opportunities for innovation with customer-centric solutions built on the principles of design thinking. He led the development of a new BI platform for the SAP’s Global Customer Operations reporting & analytics landscape and managed its 3x growth in user adoption that served a worldwide base of over 25,000 registered users and generated more than 1 M report views annually.

Business Intelligence Emboldens Digital Transformation

14-Nov-2017 | Kaan Turnali

Digital transformation enabled by business intelligence (BI) solutions presents an enormous opportunity to drive growth and profitability. Fostering a data-driven organization emboldens the vision of

digital transformation through mobile analytics

Digital Transformation Through Mobile Analytics

25-Sep-2017 | Kaan Turnali

At the core of every digital transformation is mobile analytics. More than ever, businesses are focused on delivering growth and profitability with faster, better-informed decision making. And with en

Better Business Decisions Start With Better-Informed Leaders

28-Aug-2017 | Kaan Turnali

Digital transformation brings about an incredible opportunity for fostering a data-driven culture and enabling faster, better-informed decision making. Although data’s role in making better-informed

Digital Transformation Is A Business Revolution, Not A Technology Makeover

19-Jun-2017 | Kaan Turnali

Businesses from every industry are quickly engaged on a battleground where legacy business models are bound to fail or stay behind and digital transformation brings incredible potential for growth and

4 Reasons Why Mobile Innovation Demands A Mobile Mindset

5-Jun-2017 | Kaan Turnali

If designed, developed, and delivered effectively, mobility solutions provide unparalleled convenience, speed, and ease of use. However, having a mobile mindset is a prerequisite if we want to drive g

Design Thinking Is About Integrated Solutions

1-Jun-2017 | Kaan Turnali

The digital universe provides countless possibilities for innovation. Whether we stretch the boundaries of mobility and cloud solutions with mobile device apps, IoT devices, or real-time enterprise ap

The Art Of Opportunity And Innovation With Design Thinking

26-Sep-2016 | Kaan Turnali

When we realize that innovation is an opportunity to deliver customer-centric solutions, we develop a growth mindset that’s vital for success. Frameworks, such as design thinking, help us uncover hi

innovation technology

Innovation With Design Thinking Demands Critical Thinking

8-Sep-2016 | Kaan Turnali

As our world becomes more and more digital, it’s not the first click that counts – it’s what happens after that first click. We design five steps ahead in the user experience, not one. And to de

Lean Innovation: Design Thinking Meets Lean Startup For The Enterprise

13-Apr-2016 | Kaan Turnali

Innovation is often born from individuals who view design as a way to shape forward-thinking ideas. While design alone can’t deliver the promise of innovation, frameworks – such as design thinking

The Art And Science Of Customer Empathy In Design Thinking

28-Mar-2016 | Kaan Turnali

Customer-centric solutions demand empathy. But how we employ this principle within design thinking is as critical—if not more—as what we do in the process. Certain slices can be easily repeated