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Julie Stoughton

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Julie Stoughton is the Head of Telecommunications Marketing & Communications at SAP. She is a seasoned professional with 16 years of marketing and product marketing experience in software and media technologies. Julie's specialties include strategic market development, positioning and messaging, customer segmentation, product launches, ROI analysis, and go-to-market execution.

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Telecommunications Companies: Here’s How To Use End-To-End Enterprise Offers To Boost Revenue

9-Jan-2018 | Julie Stoughton

Telecommunications companies are not new to the Internet of Things (IoT). Many have long used these tools as a way to gather data and implement change. These organizations, called communication servic

Humans on the Front Lines of Your Digital Business

16-May-2016 | Julie Stoughton

Digital transformation is synonymous with the technology that drives it, such as ubiquitous mobility, decisions informed by data, and cloud applications that make information available everywhere. But

Move Beyond Customer Engagement 1.0 – Breakout Strategies For Success In 2015

13-Mar-2015 | Julie Stoughton

In case you haven’t noticed, there's been a lot of talk about improving customer engagement recently, as we’ve shared insights on personalization and the importance of mapping the customer journe

Omnichannel Commerce: Taking Customer Engagement To The Next Level

5-Mar-2015 | Julie Stoughton

We don’t need to tell you that customer engagement is a very hot topic for telcos these days – you already know that it’s now imperative for you to master it this year. To help you out, we’

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The Future Is Now: Tap The Potential Of Connected Consumers [INFOGRAPHIC]

5-Feb-2015 | Julie Stoughton

Telcos are in the unique position of being highly connected with subscribers in ways that allows them to engage more deeply and effectively with customers, from morning to night and across multiple ch

The First Step In The Cloud For Telcos: Mapping The Customer Journey

20-Jan-2015 | Julie Stoughton

by Mitul Ruparelia, Global Strategic Consultant for Telecommunications The cloud beckons, doesn’t it? With benefits such as greater scalability and more innovative technology, makes it easier

The Zero Sum Game: Battling For Telco Subscribers In A Saturated Market

13-May-2014 | Julie Stoughton

by Stephan Gatien, Global Head, Telecommunications Industry Business Unit, SAP Adding new subscribers in saturated markets is becoming an increasingly expensive proposition. AT&T and T-Mobile U

Make A Bold Move And Get Back In The Driver’s Seat

21-Feb-2014 | Julie Stoughton

While traditional revenue streams are down for telecommunications companies, there are extraordinary – and sometimes groundbreaking – opportunities available for profitable growth. Continuous wave

businessman uses smartphone

Telecoms: 6 Megatrends For Building New Revenue Streams

17-Feb-2014 | Julie Stoughton

For many years now, there have been significant shifts within the telecommunications industry, especially around mobile communications. From the day mobile devices were conceived, there’s almost no