Julie Bort

Take A Closer Look At Satya Nadella, Who Could Become Microsoft’s Next CEO

23-Dec-2013 | Julie Bort

Satya Nadella is one of the leading internal candidates to become the next CEO of Microsoft, having spent 21 years at the company, rising sharply in power in the past few years, as part of Steve Ballm

3D Body-Part Printer And 8 Other Tech Jobs Coming In The Future

19-Nov-2013 | Julie Bort

Consider how many new technologies have entered our lives in the past five years:smartphones, tablets, Google Glass, 3D printing, drones, self-driving cars, big data, cloud computing. Some people say

How Automattic Grew Into A Startup Worth $1 Billion With No Email And No Office Workers

12-Nov-2013 | Julie Bort

Of all the cool work cultures we've ever heard of, none is more impressive than Automattic, the company responsible for the popular blogging platform, WordPress. Automattic is so unusual, it's the

How To Find Great Business Ideas From All Over The World

6-Nov-2013 | Julie Bort

Do you want to start a company or come up with that genius idea for your current company? Of course you do. But if it was easy to come up with the Next Big Thing, we would all do it. So here's a sec

Krossover founder embraces big data to deliver analytics

This Guy’s Startup Helps Down-And-Out High School Teams Win Games

5-Sep-2013 | Julie Bort

The story of Big Data startup Krossover is the stuff of Disney movies. In 2010, a 20-year veteran high school basketball coach, Sean McInnis, took a job at King Philip Regional High School in Massach

How Big Data Could Stop Criminals Before They Strike

20-Aug-2013 | Julie Bort

Big Data is a new technology that will ultimately allow us to predict the future. It can tell us things, like what we'll buy and when, when the price of a new gadget will drop, and which people are mo

Big Data Is About to Produce a Whole Bunch of Google-Like Companies

20-Aug-2013 | Julie Bort

By now, chances are you've heard the term "Big Data." It refers to the gobs of information being collected about us and our world through things like Twitter, Facebook, Google, smartphones, GPS loc

How To Put The Mayor In Your Pocket And Take Back The Power Of Government

29-Jul-2013 | Julie Bort

"Something is obviously broken when the only way people know how to get their government's attention is by camping in downtown squares, marching and protesting, screaming at those in charge," Californ

internet of things

Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Internet Of Things’

12-Apr-2013 | Julie Bort

On June 6, 2012, a brand-new version of the Internet was turned on. Chances are you didn't notice anything different that day, as we switched over to Internet Protocol Version 6, or IPv6. Engineers

7 Cities Using Smart Technologies In Unusual Ways

7 Cities Using Smart Technologies In Unusual Ways

27-Mar-2013 | Julie Bort

Smart Technologies in City Life New smart technologies like big data, sensors, mobile, smart grids are changing the way cities operate. Cities want to help you find parking spaces, avoid traffic j