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Judy Cubiss

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Judy is director of content marketing for Finance at SAP. She has worked in the software industry for over 20 years in a variety of roles, including consulting, product management, solution management, and content marketing in both Europe and the United States.

How Finance Is Thriving In A Digital World: 17 Experts Share Their 2018 Predictions

13-Dec-2017 | Judy Cubiss

Change is the new normal. The rate of change due to digitalization and technology continues at a breakneck pace. Technologies that were nascent last year are becoming mainstream. Businesses and organi

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Workplace Diversity: An Ongoing Conversation (Even In Finance)

27-Sep-2017 | Judy Cubiss

Diversity! The topic that has been in the press a lot recently, from the infamous Google employee memo to the discussion about the effectiveness of positive discrimination for college applicants. A

How Are Consumers Driving Digitalization Of Utilities?

27-Sep-2017 | Judy Cubiss

Utilities keep our everyday lives running efficiently. They bring water, electricity, gas, and more to our homes. We rarely notice them unless they don't work, or the bill is higher than expected.

The Impact Of Digital Transformation On The Life Sciences Industry

25-Sep-2017 | Judy Cubiss

By 2025, we will be in a consumer-driven global life sciences market. Patients will have more access to their personal records. They will also be more accountable for their own health. Personalized tr

Technology Drives Profit For Engineering, Construction, And Operations Companies

22-Sep-2017 | Judy Cubiss

In a recent podcast, Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman, co-hosts of the popular S.M.A.C. Talk (social, mobile, analytics, cloud) Technology Podcasts spoke with Michael Shomberg, global vice president and

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The World For Finance Leaders Is Still A’Changing – Are You Keeping Up?

20-Sep-2017 | Judy Cubiss

Change really does seem to be the only constant at the moment, at work and at home, due to the current pace of innovation and technology. In fact, the rate of change is accelerating. There are a lot o

Mill Products Companies Are No Laggards On Innovation

20-Sep-2017 | Judy Cubiss

Many aspects of the world have been digitized or are moving in that direction, and the mill products industry is no exception. This industry includes the manufacturing of various materials, including

Why Innovation Is A Blessing And A Curse For Legacy Banks

18-Sep-2017 | Judy Cubiss

The financial services industry has typically moved at a glacial pace. The simple act of taking money out of an ATM or visiting a bank hasn't changed in decades. Yet even the most traditional indu

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Thrilling Changes Are On The Horizon, But Are Automakers Ready?

15-Sep-2017 | Judy Cubiss

Germany's Autobahn highway system is associated worldwide with speed. It's also an apt metaphor for the automotive industry's ongoing transformation, due to the digital economy, which is accelerating

Are Wholesale Distributors Really Technology Laggards?

13-Sep-2017 | Judy Cubiss

Recently, Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman, co-hosts of the popular S.M.A.C. Talk (social, mobile, analytics, cloud) Technology podcast, caught up with Karen Lynch, vice president, global wholesale distr