Judith Magyar

The Factory Of The Future Needs People

15-Dec-2017 | Judith Magyar

The leaders of Kibar Holding know that acquiring technology is easy, but employee engagement, like love, is something that can’t be bought. “Our goal is to be the Industry 4.0 leader in Turkey,

Courier Service Thrives Under Radical Business Model

15-Sep-2017 | Judith Magyar

Originally, Aramex was big locally and small internationally. In his influential book The World is Flat, Thomas Friedman described Aramex as the epitome of globalization. One way companies can flouri

Let Siri Do The Selling While People Manage Change

11-Aug-2017 | Judith Magyar

Companies that are transforming successfully in the digital world understand that technology is important, but it’s really about people. Employees must be empowered with the right skills. Not every

From Forest To Pharmacy: Analytics Enables Holistic Healing

28-Jun-2017 | Judith Magyar

Pharmaceutical companies normally make money when you’re sick. One such company uses analytics and holistic healing to keep you healthy. Years ago, a young man named Victor Siaulys and his friend

A Hard Hat Is Not Enough: IoT Is Saving Lives In Qatar

14-Apr-2017 | Judith Magyar

Standing on a roadside in Qatar where camel once passed, I watch hundreds of trucks roll by. I am with Philippe Garnier, corporate plant manager for QDVC, a thriving local construction company. Phi

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How A Space Selfie Is Transforming Trends [VIDEO]

29-Mar-2017 | Judith Magyar

Taking selfies in space without ever leaving the ground? That’s not rocket science any more. The new app by SnapPlanet won this year’s Space App Camp Award at the Mobile World Congress in Barce

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Let Kids Control Robots, And See The Skills Gap Shrink

18-Jan-2017 | Judith Magyar

According to studies by the World Economic Forum (WEF), there are 218 million unemployed people who have been left out of the growth economy, and a further 295 million young people who are neither em

How To Travel Safely In A Dangerous World

1-Jul-2016 | Judith Magyar

According to David Walsh, the CEO of Prescient, it is 100 times more dangerous to be a female than a male traveler anywhere in the world today. He should know. His company uses leading-edge technolo

A Retailer’s Secret To Lifelong Customer Loyalty [VIDEO]

16-Jun-2016 | Judith Magyar

Brooks Brothers, the iconic fashion brand, reveals how to thrive in today’s $22 trillion retail industry. “We’re like poker buddies,” says Richard Buonomo about Mario Mirabella, his persona

Shoppers Rewrite The Rules

2-Mar-2016 | Judith Magyar

Shopping is social. Millennials are setting the tone and the medium is mobile. These consumer-driven trends in retail aren’t surprising. What is surprising is the amount of power they give consumers