Josh Tolan

This Is Why Your Hiring Process Is Stuck In The Past

5-Jan-2016 | Josh Tolan

The hiring process is in a constant state of change — at least, it should be. The skills-laden job posts and run-of-the-mill interview questions of yesterday might have once succeeded in landing gre

Screening For Toxic Qualities In Candidates

25-Aug-2015 | Josh Tolan

You did it — you found your unicorn. You found the perfect candidate with the skills and experience you need. Their resume looks great, and they seem like a good fit in their interview, so you bring

3 Trends Changing The Way Of The Recruitment Industry

26-Jun-2015 | Josh Tolan

Predictions of future trends typically range from spot-on to far-fetched, and just plain silly — the latter being more likely. Take the second installment of the popular “Back to the Future” tri

Are Phone Screenings Going The Way Of The Dinosaur?

27-Feb-2015 | Josh Tolan

The phone screening age has been decades-long, but recent research suggests that now may be the age of the video interview. More than 60 percent of companies are currently using video interviews to s

5 Tells Your Candidate Might Be Lying

23-Dec-2014 | Josh Tolan

Liar liar, pants on fire? Not always. In interviews, it can be hard to know if a candidate is outright lying or merely stretching the truth. Do they really mean what they say? Luckily, you don’t hav

5 Skills Gaps Employers Need To Address

9-Oct-2014 | Josh Tolan

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest challenges hiring managers face is finding well-rounded candidates with strong skill sets. Over recent years, multiple studies have addressed the growing sk

4 Ways Other Countries Are Closing The Skills Gap

15-Sep-2014 | Josh Tolan

Although unemployment in the U.S. has been steadily decreasing, taking a closer look at the numbers uncovers a scary gap: of the 9.5 million unemployed, there are still 4.6 million jobs open. This is