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Joseph Dennis Kelly previously served as a senior editor/writer on SAP’s Global Content Team and as the executive editor of PMI's Knowledge Center. He is a senior-level editorial and communication specialist with more than twenty years experience in Strategy Communications, Marketing Communications, Crisis Communications, Editorial Governance, and Editorial Operations.

Learning From Kublai Khan: 5 Ways Advanced Analytics Can Help Organizations

5-Feb-2013 | Joseph Dennis Kelly

Leaders have much to learn from Kublai Khan’s military failures. When the khan rose to power in 1260, the Mongol Empire was a much-feared power that ruled over the world’s largest-ever sovereig

Reclaim Your Edge: How Advanced Analytics Is Helping Macy’s Transform The Customer Experience

29-Jan-2013 | Joseph Dennis Kelly

The traditional balance of business power has shifted. Today, the advantage rests – literally, through mobile devices – in the buyer’s hands. Disrupting the Balance Consumers worldwide are get


The Soft Benefit of Big Data Analytics: Thinking Differently

14-Jan-2013 | Joseph Dennis Kelly

It’s an exciting time we live in. New markets are opening, innovative applications are reshaping the IT landscape, and social shifts are driving changes once considered unimaginable. Adapting to the

As Big Data Expands, A Majority Doubts its Value

17-Dec-2012 | Joseph Dennis Kelly

If you’re like many of my friends and colleagues (globally connected netizens), your days are filled using technology unimaginable fifteen years ago. Every day, we work and play using laptops, ta


Outsmart the Hackers

10-Dec-2012 | Joseph Dennis Kelly

Everyone is susceptible. Every day, nearly every organization, large and small, is hit with dozens if not thousands of attacks by digital insurgents. What’s troubling is that many hackers are nee

Securing Mobile Devices: Protecting Data While Enabling Productivity

5-Dec-2012 | Joseph Dennis Kelly

How did previous generations ever get anything accomplished? Over the past twenty-five years, the span of a single human generation, we have transformed our communication and workplace behaviors. C

Empowering Retailers: 9 Tactics for Leveraging Big Data

3-Dec-2012 | Joseph Dennis Kelly

Like the Universe, the Web is continuously expanding.  Online users are not simply engaging each other more easily, they have become data generators. In this role, they are transforming the global ec

Predictive and Proactive: Leveraging Advanced Analytics

23-Nov-2012 | Joseph Dennis Kelly

For centuries, humans traveled the Earth’s seas, guided only by their experience in reading the stars, the temperature, and the currents. Rarely could they anticipate the unfolding often life-and-de

Empowering Teams To Innovate Through Principled Leadership

21-Nov-2012 | Joseph Dennis Kelly

History is rich with tales of highly skilled teams that failed and equally competent teams that thrived. Which factor often differentiated those that excelled from those that floundered? Team empowerm