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Jonathan Becher is the Chief Digital Officer at SAP. He heads a newly-created integrated business unit which will market and sell traditional e-commerce and digitally native software, content, education and services direct to the consumer via SAP’s digital store.

Bridging The Renaissance Period And Digital Era With Leonardo da Vinci

25-May-2017 | Jonathan Becher

Leonardo da Vinci might have been one of the earliest adopters of exponential thinking. da Vinci was born more than 500 years ago in semi-rural Tuscany to parents of modest means. Despite little ac

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It’s Time To Fix How We Board Airplanes [VIDEO]

28-Feb-2017 | Jonathan Becher

I travel often enough that when people ask me where I’m based, I sometimes joke “Seat 4F.” I’ve been able to observe a lot of passengers boarding planes. Based on what I’ve seen, how we b

For All Intensive Purposes, An Eggcorn Is A Mondegreen

12-Jan-2017 | Jonathan Becher

Even though my mantra is “Words Matter,” I’m constantly learning new things about language. Last week I received an email that contained the phrase “for all intensive purposes.” Of cours

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Separating Hype From Reality: How To Assess The Progress Of Your Digital Transformation Journey

11-Jan-2017 | Jonathan Becher

Oxford Dictionaries recently chose the word “post-truth” as the 2016 word of the year, after events such as the Brexit referendum and a contentious U.S. presidential election. “Post-truth” ref

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Separating The Digital Revolutionaries From The Reactionaries

6-Jan-2017 | Jonathan Becher

The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing. At least that’s what Douglas Engelbart, pioneer of the computer mouse, once said. Whether or no

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Good Managers Must Be Digitally Fluent

26-Dec-2016 | Jonathan Becher

Over the weekend, a senior manager at another company challenged me as to whether he really had to be digitally proficient. He went on to explain he had hired an intern for his social media presence a

How Much Of Leadership Is About Theater?

23-Dec-2016 | Jonathan Becher

For reasons not worth getting into, this past week I was reminded of a decade-old HBS discussion entitled “How Much of Leadership Is About Control, Delegation, or Theater?” The original discuss

Why You Pay More When Prices Don’t End With A Zero

9-Dec-2016 | Jonathan Becher

People tend to be precise with small numbers and imprecise with larger ones. Young kids love to explain that they are not 4 years old, but rather 4 and a half – with an emphasis on the half. But

Process Matters More Than Analysis When Making Decisions

28-Oct-2016 | Jonathan Becher

Which matters more when making decisions: analysis or process? Given my analytics background, for most of my career I’ve tried to convince people they should make decisions based on data rather t

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You Don’t Win By Predicting The Future

7-Oct-2016 | Jonathan Becher

"You don’t win by predicting the future; you win by getting the odds right." I heard this provocative quote at a recent conference. As far as I could tell, the speaker was trying to make the poin