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Jonathan Becher is the Chief Digital Officer at SAP. He heads a newly-created integrated business unit which will market and sell traditional e-commerce and digitally native software, content, education and services direct to the consumer via SAP’s digital store.

Dilbert Claims Systems Trump Goals

14-Mar-2016 | Jonathan Becher

No, this isn’t some new comic from Scott Adams about Dilbert interacting with Donald Trump – although I’m laughing about the possibilities. Instead it’s a central tenet of Adams’ most recen


McKnight’s Management Methodology

7-Mar-2016 | Jonathan Becher

The odds are you’ve never heard of William L. McKnight. William McKnight joined Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M) in 1907 as an assistant bookkeeper. At the time, the company was on

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The Baloney Detection Kit [VIDEO]

18-Jan-2016 | Jonathan Becher

Over the holiday break, I read "The Demon-Haunted Book: Science as a Candle in the Dark," by Carl Sagan. The book is not nearly as well-known as “Cosmos” but should be. It introduces the scientifi

New Year’s Resolutions Shenanigans, 2016 Edition

11-Jan-2016 | Jonathan Becher

It’s the time of year when New Year’s resolutions are all around us. In a quick news search, I found more than 100 articles published in the last week alone. Apparently we’ve all resolved to wri

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Why No One Is Showing Up For Your Digital Transformation

11-Nov-2015 | Jonathan Becher

Because everyone seems to be talking about digital, I previously outlined the three elements required for a true digital transformation: a new customer experience, a new business model, and a new valu

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Simple Rules Can Overcome A Complex World

29-Oct-2015 | Jonathan Becher

When we face complexity, we have a choice between a simple solution and a complex solution. -Donald Sull Over the last few months, I've made a dent in my book reading list and now have a sizable backl

Spotting Exceptional Talent

15-Oct-2015 | Jonathan Becher

Over the last few months, I spent a fair amount of time looking for people to add to my team. Actually that’s not quite right – other people spent time recruiting. I thought I didn’t have to do

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Are You A Digitalist? Join The SAP TweetChat: What’s On The CDO’s Mind? September 24

21-Sep-2015 | Jonathan Becher

In my role as SAP’s first Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and Head of the SAP Digital business unit, I’m responsible for guiding SAP through its digital transformation, a role I transitioned to 10 mon


Avoid Digital-Washing: How To Recognize A True Digital Transformation

17-Sep-2015 | Jonathan Becher

Digital transformation is a term that has clearly taken its place in the current business lexicon. But what does it really mean? Does it represent the latest zeitgeist or a true opportunity? Is it not

Using Small Wins To Ignite Joy, Engagement, And Creativity At Work [VIDEO]

13-Aug-2015 | Jonathan Becher

Given that multiple research studies show only a small fraction of employees are engaged at work, I’ve spent a disproportionate amount of time talking to people about how  leaders can empower emplo