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John Ward is an Integrated Marketing Expert at SAP. He has over 30 years of professional writing experience that includes marketing material, sales support, technical documentation, video scripting, and magazine articles.

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Tradition Meets Modern Food Politics In Swiss Dairy Industry

8-Sep-2016 | John Ward

Dairy farming in Switzerland seems as old as the Alps themselves. Swiss farmers have moved their herds up and down the mountainsides with the changing of the seasons for countless generations. Every

Panasonic Is Helping Cities Get Smarter And Cars Go Greener

8-Jul-2016 | John Ward

What products come to mind when you think about Panasonic Corporation? There’s a long list to choose from, and you might easily pick televisions, audio equipment, or home appliances. But in addit

This Shipbuilder’s Apprentice School Is A “National Model”

1-Jun-2016 | John Ward

It’s graduation day. The auditorium is packed with proud parents and honored guests. The students in their caps and gowns form a sea of maroon and gold. To the casual observer, this commencement

Why UPS Believes 3D Printing Will Shake Up The Supply Chain

22-Apr-2016 | John Ward

“3D printing has been around since the 1980s, but today there’s really an explosion going on,” says Alan Amling, vice president of marketing at United Parcel Services (UPS) Global Logistics &

What A Navy SEAL Can Teach You About Manufacturing Excellence

4-Apr-2016 | John Ward

United States Navy SEAL Rorke Denver had the entire audience up on its feet for some light calisthenics. “I want you to stretch your arms up overhead,” he instructed the crowd. “Point them righ

Megacities And Unexpected Industries Diversify Saudi Arabia’s Economy

25-Mar-2016 | John Ward

When you think about Saudi Arabia’s economy, you probably picture oil wells – not rolls of paper towels. That’s understandable. The petroleum sector reportedly accounts for roughly 45% of the c

Does Company Size Matter In A Digital Economy?

4-Mar-2016 | John Ward

According to a recent episode of SAP Radio’s Meet the Visionary Game-Changers, the answer to the titular question of whether company size matters in the digital economy seems to be “not so much.

Digital Shopping Lists Keep Consumers And Retailers On Track

19-Feb-2016 | John Ward

There are few aspects of domestic life more universal than food shopping. That’s true whether you live in Paris, Shanghai, or anywhere in between. Planning daily meals and managing your food budg

Companies Get Fit To Fight Global Obesity

10-Feb-2016 | John Ward

The statistics around obesity are shocking: According to recent estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1.9 billion adults worldwide are overweight. Of these, more than 600 milli

Meeting The Faces Of Philanthropy

5-Feb-2016 | John Ward

Humanitarianism has always been a fundamental component of our society. People around the globe devote countless hours and their hard-earned dollars on charitable causes that empower those in need and