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Open Banking: Consent Is Key

14-Nov-2017 | John Bertrand

We have learned a lot about how not to do consent from Hollywood and the fashion industry. Consent has to be explicit, have a clear affirmative statement, an action of intent that cannot be misinterpr

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Adapt Or Die: Why Cloud Is A Digital Imperative In Financial Services

19-Oct-2017 | John Bertrand

Charles Darwin’s research showed it isn’t the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one that is the most adaptable to change. This sentiment may have come to

Open Banking: Who Will Customers Choose?

11-Oct-2017 | John Bertrand

Who will the customer choose to be their banking confidant in this new, open connected banking marketplace starting in January? The answer is the one you trust the most with your money and data. Th

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AI, Blockchain, And Cloud Fuel Banking’s Evolution

21-Sep-2017 | John Bertrand

Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and cloud technologies are increasingly appearing on the horizon. This could be exactly what the banker ordered, given the legal mandates for open banking and

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Open Banking And The Legal Right To Be Forgotten

13-Sep-2017 | John Bertrand

Open banking rests on enabling customers to give consent and control to a third-party relationship involving their data and transactions. This ability to help the customer manage this relationship is

Open Banking: How To Avoid A Shipwreck

22-Aug-2017 | John Bertrand

In less than six months, open banking sets sail. We do not want open banking to be like Twelfth Night: a shipwreck. As Shakespeare’s extraordinary play unfolds, it slips into a environment similar t

Open Banking: The Fuzzy Period

10-Jul-2017 | John Bertrand

Like Captain Ahab at the start of his voyage, banks are in a similar fuzzy period. They know Open Banking is coming with new rules to comply with, but they don't know what should they do, if anything,

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Open Banking: A FitBit Style Of Change

13-Jun-2017 | John Bertrand

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.” Hunter S. Thompson’s quote can easily be applied to open banking, which becomes mandatory in the UK starting in 2018. Banking innovation lead by the regulator! I

Blockchain Inadvertently Fuels Cloud Adoption

27-Apr-2017 | John Bertrand

Banks have traditionally had an aversion to cloud computing over security fears. Whilst just about every other industry has made the transition, banks have been one of the last to adopt cloud technolo

Blockchain And Cloud: Kissing Cousins

26-Apr-2017 | John Bertrand

Last year, an article in the Wall Street Journal predicted that 2017 is the year that formerly resistant big banks will adopt the public cloud. Even the regulators have given cloud a green light,