John Ward

What Trendy Bakeries Can Tell You About China’s New Economy

14-Apr-2017 | John Ward

Consumer tastes in China are changing, and in the nation’s expanding cities, coffee shops and Western-style bakeries are definitely part of the phenomenon. A couple of years ago, The New York Tim

3 Simple Steps To A More Effective Data Strategy

14-Mar-2017 | John Ward

If you really want to know what business leaders think is important, just take a look at who has a seat in the C-suite. More and more these days, you’re likely to see a chief data officer (CDO) amon

Lenovo’s “Disciplined” Supply Chain Drives Global Leadership

14-Feb-2017 | John Ward

“Lenovo’s been the number one PC company for over three years now,” says Gerry Smith, an executive vice president at Lenovo and president of its Data Center Group, in a recent video. In fact,

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Can High-Tech Farming Help Feed The Planet – Stara’s CEO Says Yes!

24-Jan-2017 | John Ward

Look at a few photographs of Gilson Trennepohl and you start to notice something. Whether he’s making a pilgrimage along the ancient Camino de Santiago trail in Spain or posing in front of a moder

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Innovation And Collaboration Are The New Dynamic Duo

11-Jan-2017 | John Ward

You could say that innovation and collaboration go together like ... well, like Batman and Robin. And just like that dynamic duo, there’s good reason to believe that innovation and collaboration are

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Giving Superfans Something To Tweet About

29-Dec-2016 | John Ward

Today there are fans, and then there are superfans. The superfans are usually pretty easy to spot. They are hyper-engaged and highly visible individuals who follow their favorite sports team, perfo

Keep Your Customers Close And Your Suppliers Closer

15-Aug-2016 | John Ward

Not too long ago, I ran across an article that posed a rather intriguing question: “Can customer service deliver a higher ROI than marketing?” The author, Luke Brynley-Jones, points out that co

Even Chicken Farmers Are Going Digital

29-Jul-2016 | John Ward

You’re right, Henrietta; that is surprising. Chicken farming and digital transformation are probably one of the last pairings you would expect to see in a business blog. But in Ontario, Canada, a

How Strangers On A Plane Changed The Travel Industry Forever

4-Jul-2016 | John Ward

If you’ve ever made an airline or hotel reservation, you probably used the software or services of Sabre Corporation. Yet there’s a good chance most travelers won’t recognize the name. This

The Trouble With Analog Thinking In A Digital World

8-Jun-2016 | John Ward

You hear a lot these days about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how a digital transformation is changing the world all around us. So I wasn’t surprised when the topic of SAP Radio’s show, Meet th