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John Garrish

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John Garrish previously was the Vice President, Solution Management (Enterprise Social), at SAP. He was responsible for driving customer success rollout for SAP Jam and led cross-functional product management topics related to merge of CRM and enterprise social collaboration.

What Is The Customer Experience In Your Design?

8-Feb-2013 | John Garrish

Design.  It is important in everything we do, choices that we make, attention that we pay – in business and in personal life.  It affects products we sell, services we procure, magazines that we

woman embraces BYOD at the office

Digital Body Language: Are Your Sales Reps Missing Vital Cues?

12-Dec-2012 | John Garrish

There was a day, not too long ago, when sales professionals could read the body language of their customers.  Quite literally – they could see crossed arms, raised eyebrows, and hear the sigh of ex