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Joerg Koesters is the Head of Retail Marketing and Communication at SAP. He is a Technology Marketing executive with 20 years of experience in Marketing, Sales and Consulting, Joerg has deep knowledge in retail and consumer products having worked both in the industry and in the technology sector.

Are AI And Machine Learning Killing Analytics As We Know It?

19-Jul-2017 | Joerg Koesters

According to IDC, artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to become pervasive across customer journeys, supply networks, merchandizing, and marketing and commerce because it provides better insights

The Epic Challenge Of Food Security

20-Jan-2017 | Joerg Koesters

Food security has always been important, but as the world population grows and climate change and other factors make food sources unstable, it’s becoming more critical than ever. Executive director


What’s Happening To My Grocery Store?

19-Jan-2017 | Joerg Koesters

The food industry and consumer demands about food are changing, which is having an impact on both grocery stores and the consumer products companies that sell food within them. Global retail industr

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The Next Big Thing In Food Is Personal

18-Jan-2017 | Joerg Koesters

Few industries are undergoing the food industry's scale of change, which affects retailers and consumer products companies. When consumers have more demands and increasing choices available to them,

The Role Of Technology In Food Sustainability

17-Jan-2017 | Joerg Koesters

Facing increasing population and environmental instability, the human race is challenged with ensuring that there will be enough food to sustain us over time. Technology is playing

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The Role Of Technology In Retail Food Sustainability

12-Oct-2016 | Joerg Koesters

You know your business. You’re an expert in what to expect from your customers, marketing campaigns, supply chain logistics, and IT developments within your field. But there are a lot of new concept

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From Bricks-and-Mortar To E-Commerce And Back – Retail’s True Shift To Digital

12-Sep-2016 | Joerg Koesters

Ever since the first bushel of grain was traded for meat at the local village square, retail has been in a state of flux. Seemingly indestructible bricks-and-mortar retailers refused to stand still, a

How Mobile Is Reshuffling The Shopping Experience (And How Retailers Should React)

11-Jul-2016 | Joerg Koesters

Mobile shopping: we all do it, don’t we? While enjoying a coffee on a patio, on the train, or even at the shopping mall, it’s so convenient – fun even – to check out the new collection of your

Big Data And The Internet Of Things Change The Rules For Retailers And Consumers

6-Jul-2016 | Joerg Koesters

Technology today is transforming industries across the board. Smart devices, wearable devices, and Big Data are reshaping retail. Companies need to infuse digital solutions into everything from produc

Under Armour: From Apparel-Only To Health And Wellness

18-Apr-2016 | Joerg Koesters

It is no secret that technology is revolutionizing the consumer products industry. But some companies are embracing the change more the others. Under Armour has reimagined its entire business model to