Joaquin Reyes

Joaquin Reyes

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Appointed CIO of CEPSA in 2003, Joaquín Reyes has been working actively to implement an IT strategy contributing to reaching CEPSA corporate objectives in all business areas. Deployment of global digital processes and shared services are key strategies to achieve consistent business integration and maximum efficiency. Joaquín started his professional career at Empresarios Agrupados and Gibbs & Hill, working as a safety engineer at nuclear power plants, followed with a position in the Operations Research Department of CEPSA. Facing the deregulation of the market in Spain in 1992, he took on the responsibility of IT manager of the new service station network to build its IT strategy and implement the solutions required to support the new retail activities.

Enterprise Mobility Takes CEPSA’s Digital Strategy From Good To Groundbreaking

13-Jun-2017 | Joaquin Reyes

All too often, companies make the avoidable mistake of maintaining the status quo, turning a potentially great market leader into an also-ran industry follower. As one of the largest petroleum compani