Jenny Dearborn

Jenny Dearborn: Soft Skills Will Be Essential for Future Careers

11-Sep-2017 | Jenny Dearborn

The Japanese culture has always shown a special reverence for its elderly. That’s why, in 1963, the government began a tradition of giving a silver dish, called a sakazuki, to each citizen who reach

Looking for HR – Or Any – Job Security? Try Analytics

1-Sep-2017 | Jenny Dearborn

It’s never been more important for human capital management professionals to take a good, hard look around and ask themselves whether they are truly preparing for the future. With powerful forces

HR leader speaks to business owners

Are Small And Midsize Businesses Ready For A Digital Workforce?

12-Oct-2016 | Jenny Dearborn

Part 9 of the “Leading Through Digital Transformation” series The level of digitization available for today’s workforce is astonishing. Anything that can be automated is automated. Insights

Putting Employees First Drives Business Performance

25-Jun-2015 | Jenny Dearborn

HR and talent professionals have known it for years, and now it’s been proven. A recent global study of more than 5,400 executives and employees conducted by Oxford Economics and SuccessFactors, an

Big Data Gets Personal: Wearable Tech In Your Workplace

7-Aug-2014 | Jenny Dearborn

How much sleep am I getting? Am I running as often as I should? Questions like these are the starting point for the next workplace data revolution, one that already may be walking around your office.

What Learning Leaders Can Learn From MOOCs

31-Jul-2014 | Jenny Dearborn

What a difference a year makes. When we launched openSAP just over a year ago, it was one of the first big corporate-run massive open online courses, or MOOCs. Now, everyone from Aquent to Yahoo is

Does Trust In The Workplace Matter?

21-Jul-2014 | Jenny Dearborn

More than ever, collaboration powered by technology does amazing things. It can put your graphics team in Madrid together with your business development group in Manchester and allow your vice preside

The Pivotal Role Of The Learning Professional Today And Tomorrow

30-May-2014 | Jenny Dearborn

by Jenny Dearborn, Senior Vice President and Chief Learning Officer, SAP Whether we’re talking about the corporate learning environment of today or 10 years from now, one truth will remain: The

robot proof job

This Does Not Compute: The Human Skills Robots Can’t Replace And How To Develop Them

20-May-2014 | Jenny Dearborn

Futurists predict we’re facing workplace changes as large as those of the Industrial Revolution, with  rampant automation expected. But some skills aren't good candidates for automation. What will

millennial closet

The Surprising Way Millennials Are Changing The Workplace

3-Apr-2014 | Jenny Dearborn

Is there really no dignity? Generational differences have always influenced the workplace. There’s nothing new there. But with Millennials running rampant across corporate America, that influence