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Jennifer Scholze is the Global Lead for Industry Marketing for the Mill Products and Mining Industries at SAP. She has over 20 years of technology marketing, communications and venture capital experience and lives in the Boston area with her husband and two children.

Five Ways Blockchain Can Keep Mineral Supply Chains Conflict-Free

7-Feb-2018 | Jennifer Scholze

Conflict minerals – those extracted in conflict zones and sold to fund the conflict – are a challenge in the mining industry and throughout the world. Time Magazine reports that international ef

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Five Stories About The Disruptive Power Of Digital Innovation

9-Nov-2017 | Jennifer Scholze

Have you heard that shoe shopping is going digital, driving an expected profit increase of 30%? Do you know how real-time customer insight and personalized interactions can lead to five percent revenu

Mining Big Data To Create Smart Products And Happy Customers

7-Sep-2017 | Jennifer Scholze

According to this recent MarcTech study, 2.7 Zetabytes of data exist in the digital universe today. That number is equal to about one trillion gigabytes. Not all of this data is being created by pers

No More Yellow Pages: Social Changes Building Products Industry

19-Sep-2016 | Jennifer Scholze

Gone are the days when consumers turned to the Yellow Pages to look up the number for a local repairman, or asked a neighbor to recommend a home repair product. Now, consumers are Googling YouTube vid

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How Dave And Caitlin Are Disrupting The Building Products Industry

12-Sep-2016 | Jennifer Scholze

Dave and Caitlin just bought their first home, a fixer upper. They’re planning a major remodel and will tackle many of the projects themselves, despite never having been involved in home constructio

Sustainability Brings Rewards To The Paper And Packaging Industries

2-May-2016 | Jennifer Scholze

Research is pouring in about the importance of sustainability and environmental stewardship. As we become more aware of the problems associated with modern lifestyles, businesses of all types are flo

Digital Transformation: Never Run Out Of TP Again

28-Apr-2016 | Jennifer Scholze

Toilet paper may be the butt of many jokes, but it is a very real need. From schools to airplanes, offices, and homes, toilet paper is a requirement of daily life. What does this mean for dema

How IoT And Digitization Can Reinforce The Cement Industry

1-Dec-2015 | Jennifer Scholze

Excitement around the Internet of Things continues to grow as manufacturers, vendors, and customers begin to realize the substantial benefits of embedding sensors in everything from vehicle tires to c

5 Big Ways The Forest Products Industry Is Pinning Growth On Digital Transformation

19-Nov-2015 | Jennifer Scholze

Gathering with the leading thinkers and movers in an industry is one of the best ways to clear your head and creatively think and talk about how you and your company can move the needle. This is what

Quick IoT Win: CIO At Wesizwe Platinum Mining Digitization

15-Oct-2015 | Jennifer Scholze

Kobus Pienaar, chief information officer at Wesizwe Platinum, recently spoke with Georg Gradl, global lead for the SAP Industry Business Unit Mining about how the company — and the mining industry