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Jennifer Horowitz is a journalist with over 15 years of experience working in the technology, financial, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, not for profit, and retail sectors. She specializes in the field of analytics, offering management consulting serving global clients from midsize to large-scale organizations. Within the field of analytics, she helps higher-level organizations define their metrics strategies, create concepts, define problems, conduct analysis, problem solve, and execute.

Customer Experience: Keeping It Real

22-May-2018 | Jennifer Horowitz

Both authentic and artificial intelligence play an important role in the customer experience (CX), where humans drive evolution and innovation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can deliver speed, anal

Boost Your Sales With The Cloud

17-May-2018 | Jennifer Horowitz

Given the pressures and complexities of today's business world, it's time to up your sales performance and recognize how the cloud can give you an advantage. Digital business is 2018 — what has c

IoT: Five Challenges Executives Face

16-May-2018 | Jennifer Horowitz

The Internet of Things (IoT) creates a plethora of opportunities, but it is not without challenges. Executives who want a head start in the IoT game should be prepared to overcome these. Computer p

AI: Evolution Or Revolution?

9-May-2018 | Jennifer Horowitz

As companies evaluate their current plans, deciphering how an organization might adapt to prepare for the predicted artificial intelligence (AI) wave reveals two distinct outlets: AI viewed as an evol

Leveraging IoT Capabilities For Insurance And Consumers

8-May-2018 | Jennifer Horowitz

IoT devices and data are proving to be effective in the insurance industry as they enable platforms to protect the business and consumers’ homes. Only a few IoT providers among insurers have managed

Five Digital And Mobile Trends You Should Know

3-May-2018 | Jennifer Horowitz

Digital and mobile technologies have seen astonishing growth over recent years. Following is a list of some of the most cutting-edge 2018 trends enabling businesses and consumers. 1. Artificial intel

The Evolution Of Today’s Next-Generation Sharing Economy Businesses

26-Apr-2018 | Jennifer Horowitz

The approach to building successful "sharing economy" businesses is shifting. Today’s next-generation platforms are following a different path from successful companies such as Uber, eBay, and Airbn

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Blockchain Accelerates From Infrastructure Into A Platform

25-Apr-2018 | Jennifer Horowitz

Blockchain is evolving across industries, accelerating from a digital currency infrastructure into a digital transformation platform. A new Gartner report reveals the practicalities, efficiencies, rea

Fintech And Banking: A Lasting Relationship

23-Apr-2018 | Jennifer Horowitz

Mobile payments, machine learning, and robotic investing are among the latest win-win disruptive innovations that are reshaping transactions, lending practices, and customer experiences in the financi

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Voxer Q&A: The “Social Graph” Is Changing The Way The World Works

17-Apr-2018 | Jennifer Horowitz

With the recent Congressional appearance of Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the question of liberating the social graph has never been more significant to social media platforms and users worldwide. I