Jeff Francis, Co-Founder & COO

When Good Apps Go Bad

25-Jul-2014 | Jeff Francis, Co-Founder & COO

As a professional involved in the mobility space for years, I’m a firm proponent of mobile applications (big surprise, I know). But, a mobile app is only as good as the system you’ve built to supp

What The World Cup Can Teach Your Enterprise About Mobile

20-Jun-2014 | Jeff Francis, Co-Founder & COO

Even if you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you’ve still probably heard that the World Cup has kicked off in Brazil. The most soccer-crazed country in the world is hosting the

What Apple’s WWDC Means For Your Enterprise

6-Jun-2014 | Jeff Francis, Co-Founder & COO

In the IT world, few events elicit as much intrigue as Apple’s worldwide developer conference (WWDC). Rarely does Apple release new hardware or consumer devices at these shows, so it doesn’t get q

It’s About The Customer, Stupid!

26-May-2014 | Jeff Francis, Co-Founder & COO

To borrow (most of) a phrase from the ever-entertaining political pundit James Carville, “it’s about the [customer], stupid!” In the original quote, he said “economy” instead of “customer

The Technology Stack And The Mobile Application Layer: Step Two Of Your Mobile Road Map

30-Apr-2014 | Jeff Francis, Co-Founder & COO

As we talked about here and here, enterprises are worried about their comprehensive mobile strategy more so than any other mobile concern (by more than three times the next biggest response). So it’

Do You Know Where To Spend Your Mobile Dollars?

18-Apr-2014 | Jeff Francis, Co-Founder & COO

If you read our blog, you’ve heard us talk about the growth of mobility ad nauseum. Every statistic  out there shows exponential growth for both the consumer market as well as enterprises. And whil

Wear Your Job On Your Wrist?

12-Mar-2014 | Jeff Francis, Co-Founder & COO

If the buzz at CES and coverage in the mainstream media are to be believed, 2014 could be the first true “year of wearable tech.” Most of the major announcements in the hardware field have come fr

Reasons 6-11: Your Company Might Be In Danger

3-Mar-2014 | Jeff Francis, Co-Founder & COO

Last week, we discussed five of 11 statistics regarding mobile security. While most if not all CIOs, CTOs and IT directors understand the risks mobile poses for their enterprise security, many individ

11 Reasons Why Your Company Could Be In Danger

25-Feb-2014 | Jeff Francis, Co-Founder & COO

In today’s interconnected world, few things terrify CEOs and CTOs more than electronic security (well, a breach of that security, anyway). Most of our records, personal information, corporate inform

Don’t Miss The Next Big Thing — iBeacons

18-Feb-2014 | Jeff Francis, Co-Founder & COO

In Apple’s WWDC this year, one of the seemingly minor announcements has many industries abuzz with anticipation — iBeacons. While Apple did not highlight this new technology as prominently as othe