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Jan Grasshoff is the SVP & Global Managing Partner at SAP. Prior to his current role, he is the SVP of Talent, Leadership & Organizational Design at SAP.

Workplace Diversity: Perceptions Override Reality? [Video]

3-May-2013 | Jan Grasshoff

Workplace Diversity - Perceptions Are Not Reality We very often jump to conclusions because of a certain image or perception we have in mind. I’d like to share with you a time when I was proven wro

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Workplace Diversity: It’s Magic When Everyone Comes Together [Video]

22-Mar-2013 | Jan Grasshoff

When I talk about leadership, diversity and teamwork I often use the analogy of an orchestra. Watch my video blog to learn how we can help the world run like never before by uniting our different back

“Love One Another Or Die” [Video]

10-Jan-2013 | Jan Grasshoff

A lot of us talk about diversity in terms of statistics or activities, but we need more than just awareness to make a difference. To me, diversity means taking on the mindset that we must love one ano