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Jamie is Director of Global Solutions Marketing within our Customer LOB Solutions area with a specific focus on CRM, eCommerce, and multi-channel solutions delivery. Jamie is somewhat of a CRM veteran, with over 15 years’ experience in the customer-facing solutions space, and has worked with many banks in defining and implementing engaging customer experiences. Jamie is an active blogger and tweets under the handle @collsdad

The Power Of “Emotional” Marketing [VIDEO]

23-Feb-2015 | Jamie Anderson

Even though it was a few years ago now, I can still vividly recall the Coca-Cola advertisement “Happiness Factory.” You know the one, where the guy puts the coin in the slot and the bottle is lovi

The Customer Revolution: Fight For Your Right To Party [VIDEO]

15-Oct-2014 | Jamie Anderson

As the founder of and a true pioneer in the e-commerce space, it’s safe to say that Jeff Bezos knows a thing or two about the customer experience. Originally launching in 1995 as an onlin

Smoothing The ‘Kinks’ In Your Omnichannel Strategy

14-Aug-2013 | Jamie Anderson

It’s well established that today’s consumers use multiple channels – mobile, Web, social media, in-store – when engaging with retailers. On any given day, a shopper might research a clothing


Why CIOs And CMOs Could Be So Happy Together

7-Mar-2013 | Jamie Anderson

Surely you know the song Happy Together – the 1967 chart-topper by the Turtles that ultimately became the band’s only No. 1 hit and its signature song. It’s one of those songs that defines the e


In a “Me-Tail” World, It’s All About You

15-Feb-2013 | Jamie Anderson

When I think about retail today, a song by the band McFly comes to mind. The British “boy band” (italicised because they are actually all pretty accomplished, though disgracefully young musicians)


Power To The People

20-Dec-2012 | Jamie Anderson

Speaking to a journalist in 1969 John Lennon offered these insightful, almost prophetic words: “…and the Left Wing talk about giving the power to the people… you know…anybody knows that the

10 Ways to Connect with Your Audience in the Year of the Digital Customer

23-Mar-2012 | Jamie Anderson

Part 1: Who is the Digital Customer in a Multichannel World? Towards the end of 2011, we sponsored a discussion piece focusing on the evolution of Customer Interaction in the 21st century, somethi