James McClelland

Blurring The Boundaries Between Industries With Digital Disruption

18-Apr-2017 | James McClelland

Ten billion people – that’s the projected global population by 2050. As billions of people join the digital economy, some experts say the demand for electricity, natural gas, and water will doubl

Utilities: Defining Mobile 2.0

16-Nov-2016 | James McClelland

Radicati, a U.S. market research firm, claims that the number of mobile devices has outgrown the number of people on the planet. 5.8 billion mobile users — 80 % of the world population — use 8.6 b

Alliander NV Implements New Data Collection And Analysis Programs

14-Jun-2016 | James McClelland

In the Netherlands, Alliander NV is a powerhouse power distribution and electric generating utility that serves about 3.5 million customers. It has over 85,000 kilometers (52,817 miles) of electric

4 New Business Models For The Utilities Industry

11-May-2016 | James McClelland

The digital energy network is revolutionizing the utilities industry. New business models are emerging to meet the changing demands of the energy market. We can divide these business models into four

Simplifying Utilities Operations For Innovation And Digital Business

10-May-2016 | James McClelland

Does your utility company concentrate on quality of service for delivery of electrical power? Is it dedicated to sharing conservation programs? Does your company use smart meters? If you answered