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James Krouse

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James Krouse is the director of Global Solutions Marketing at SAP. He is the global strategic marketing lead for the healthcare and higher education industry groups and is responsible for tailoring GTM strategies, analyst relations, government relations, positioning, and messaging.

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The Challenges Of Making Integrated Campus Mobility Real

22-May-2017 | James Krouse

When I was in college, my phone was a “phone” …but I date myself. Now, phones are mobile computers. And to be most effective in today’s university environment, computers need networks and t

Weigh The Economics Of Higher Education

19-May-2017 | James Krouse

Fifty years ago, educational success meant graduating from high school. Thirty years ago, the same level of success required graduation from college. Today, to remain competitive, “success” requ

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Connecting To The Person In Personalized Medicine

29-Sep-2016 | James Krouse

Imagine going to your doctor for a health condition, such as lung cancer or a stomach ulcer, and your treatment is based on a personalized medicine plan in which every aspect is tailored toward your

Precision Healthcare Is Only A Name. The Practice Will Be A Game Changer.

15-Jun-2016 | James Krouse

Precision healthcare comes under many names – personalized medicine, personalized healthcare, precision medicine, or even stratified medicine – and, often, these terms seem openly interchangeable