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James is responsible for defining and rolling out strategies for the Network with particular focus on Europe. He joined Ariba at the launch of the Ariba Network in 1998 after previously being a Solution Consultant at SAP America. In addition he has held the position of Director of Algorithms at Vendavo, an SAP Partner in the area of Pricing. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Southampton University. Follow James's twitter feed at @JamesMarland

Fordlandia And The End Of The Vertically Integrated Company

14-Feb-2018 | James Marland

At River Rouge, Michigan, Henry Ford set up a company that would produce a million tractors a year. It was to include a blast furnace that would allow him to bring iron ore in on boats and turn the or

A “Cambrian Explosion” Of Opportunity

1-Jun-2017 | James Marland

At SAPPHIRE NOW last week, Bill McDermott invited Michael Dell on stage to talk about digital transformation. Michael offered an interesting metaphor, noting that there is a “Cambrian Explosion of

History Of Digital In 3 Business Cards

1-Dec-2016 | James Marland

Look carefully at your old business cards; they tell the story of an increasingly digital world. When I got new business cards through the years, I always kept one and flung it in the back of the

A Slick Baton Change Wins The Olympics And Is The Key To Any Value Chain

29-Aug-2016 | James Marland

I was at the Olympics in Rio and saw one of my favorite events, the 4x100m sprint relay. Above is my view of the third baton change, with Usain Bolt. There's something special about the skill and d

Even Monopoly Is Going Digital

2-Mar-2016 | James Marland

Everyone is looking to take paper out of their business. Even the latest version of Monopoly now has gone digital. According to this article, Hasbro has introduced a version of Monopoly that elimin

Back To The Future Day: What Have We Learned About Predictions? [VIDEO]

30-Oct-2015 | James Marland

In the movie Back to the Future 2,  many predictions were made about 2015 – some spot on and some way off the mark. Now that October 21, 2015 is actually here – the day Michael J. Fox’s Marty M

Businessmen Shaking Hands

Procurement: Art Or Science? [VIDEO]

31-Jul-2015 | James Marland

Is the procurement job more of an art or science? That’s the question I asked procurement professionals for the first episode of our new “Talking Shop with Procurement” video series. As you’ll

After 100 Years, It’s Time To Retire The Paper Invoice

19-May-2015 | James Marland

When renovating around our fireplace last summer, we found an invoice from a local brewery, dated May 13, 1915. Exactly 100 years later, it is worth having a look at what has changed since the week th

Don’t Be A Curator, Be A Creator

18-Nov-2014 | James Marland

Business processes and data should not remain safe behind glass: they need to reach beyond the enterprise. On a trip to Madrid this week I took the opportunity to tour the Royal Palace. After sever

How The Networked Economy Allows Anyone To Assemble A Team Of Superheroes

11-Sep-2014 | James Marland

Just like your business, the Justice League needs to add or replaces members as the threat or mission changes. You may not have superpowers, but network collaboration with suppliers and contractors al