Jacqueline Vanacek

The Internet Of Things: Are Machines On The Net Making Humans Obsolete?

29-May-2013 | Jacqueline Vanacek

The Internet of Things The Industrial Age reinvented productivity. The Information Age reinvented communication. Now man and machine are coming together and it’s even bigger than the Internet. Wh

NYSE Brings Capitalism To the Cloud

15-May-2013 | Jacqueline Vanacek

Nothing symbolizes capitalism like the New York Stock Exchange. NYSE is best known as the world’s largest exchange. But it’s also a technology pioneer. In 1867, NYSE adopted the ticker tape to se

How Twitter And Facebook Are Changing Democracy

6-May-2013 | Jacqueline Vanacek

Twitter and Facebook Are Changing Democracy Can you guess which country uses Twitter the most? used crowd sourcing to develop its Constitution? publishes photos on Facebook to track attendanc

How Entrepreneurs Help Entrepreneurs To “Startup America”

How Entrepreneurs Help Entrepreneurs To “Startup America”

22-Mar-2013 | Jacqueline Vanacek

Small business entrepreneurs Small businesses account for nearly two-thirds of net new job creation. And they innovate more than large businesses do, generating 13 times more patents per employee. Th

Biomimicry: How Nature Inspires Technology

28-Feb-2013 | Jacqueline Vanacek

Biomimicry is a “conscious emulation of life’s genius.” Nature has already perfected designs that can solve human problems. Mirroring Nature’s designs inspires extraordinary technologies that

Start-ups On A Ship: Creativity The Silicon Valley Way

5-Feb-2013 | Jacqueline Vanacek

How do high performing companies produce extraordinary results? Google offers free time to experiment. Steve Jobs connected ideas across industries. Samsung connects brainy scientists. IDEO encoura

From Internet To Interconnected Clouds: NIST Leads The Way For Cloud And Big Data

4-Feb-2013 | Jacqueline Vanacek

Remember the first time you used the Internet? Today, we connect online far more than in person. And we generate reams of personal data as we go, via email, blogs, Twitter. Add to that a billion

Data Privacy And The Cloud: Fact Versus Fiction

10-Jan-2013 | Jacqueline Vanacek

Is cloud computing “bad or risky” for data privacy? Is personal data more “secure and protected”in the cloud? Or less? The impact of cloud computing on data privacy is a complex and some

Why Risk In The Cloud Is Good For The Economy

5-Dec-2012 | Jacqueline Vanacek

So much has been written about “the risks” of cloud computing, but that risk leads to bigger rewards, especially for small business. And as the engine of job creation, small business will accelera

How The Cloud Can Unify The World: OpenStack and Nebula

20-Nov-2012 | Jacqueline Vanacek

Imagine a world in which researchers share data via one massive supercomputer to advance medicine, energy, agriculture … where nations respond in unison to natural disasters … and governments sha