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Jack Dyson is head of Digital Content Strategy for SAP Hybris.

Disruption! AI! GDPR! In All The Excitement, One Thing Brands Can’t Afford To Forget

31-Jan-2018 | Jack Dyson

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] Disruption. AI. GDPR. Digital transformation. In all the excitement, there’s the one big thing that brands can’t afford to forget: Authentici

A Winning Formula To Make Customers Happy

1-Jun-2017 | Jack Dyson

Is there a formula for happiness? SAP’s Lisa James certainly thinks so, at least when it comes to customer service. According to James’s on-demand session for SAP Hybris LIVE, the secret to makin

Disruption Isn’t A Buzzword—It’s A Way To Beat Your Competition

28-Mar-2017 | Jack Dyson

“Disruption” is the mantra of our times. With new technology arriving at an incredible pace and consumers setting the rate at which trends develop, it can be tough to get a moment to look around a

The Digital Challenge: To Boldly Go Beyond Disruption

14-Mar-2017 | Jack Dyson

Disruption comes in many forms. There’s a tendency to talk about it in hushed tones, to give it bogeyman status. But you can declaw the big bad buzzword in one move. It’s not big or scary, and it

Bringing Ideas, Technology Together Creates New Tools For Retailers

13-Mar-2017 | Jack Dyson

If there is one constant theme in retail innovation, it’s how ideas and advances can make things easy. This is true for businesses as much it is consumers. Clever technology means that robots–s

Retailers: Make The Most Of The Resource That Really Matters

24-Jan-2017 | Jack Dyson

It’s all change in retail. The one phrase on everyone’s lips at NRF’s Big Show 2017 in New York, from the innovation demos to the keynotes, is that retail will change more in the next five years

What Is Customer Engagement, And Where Is It Going?

27-Oct-2016 | Jack Dyson

Customer engagement is about making a connection. It’s what gets people not just to come to you or your brand but to keep coming back – and in so doing, bring your business to life. There will

The Road To Success Is Paved With…Feelings? Thoughts From The World’s Largest Global Tech Event

26-May-2016 | Jack Dyson

Picture the scene: The keynote for SAPPHIRENOW 2016, the largest global business technology event. Over two million square foot of prime Orlando convention center, packed with thousands of delegates f