Irfan Khan

Big Data Startups Lure Investment Dollars

27-Aug-2012 | Irfan Khan

VCs invested $2.47B in big data-related startups in 2011 vs. $1.53B in 2010 Venture capitalists invested slightly less money last quarter than in the same period in 2011. However, most of that de

Data Centers Are Up To Big Data’s Power Challenge

23-Aug-2012 | Irfan Khan

If you look at today’s typical data center with its racks of blade servers, SANs, network switches, UPSs, and more humming away, crunching gigabytes, terabytes, even petabytes of data, everything se

Strategic Weapon: Unstructured Data Delivers Battlefield Edge

22-Aug-2012 | Irfan Khan

Predictive analytics has moved into dangerous terrain. It’s now able to forecast battles in a war zone. Using vast amounts of unstructured data from a massive dump of e-mail published by Wikile

Latency, The Silent Killer Of Competitiveness

15-Aug-2012 | Irfan Khan

 Whether it’s the inability to “connect the dots” before the 9-11 attacks on the United States or the failure to anticipate the financial meltdown of 2008, analysts often have all the data at t

Metadata Helps Make Data Discoverable And Accessible

10-Aug-2012 | Irfan Khan

(Image credit: redjar/Flickr) Metadata may not be something IT professionals think about that much. Yet, in the world of big data, metadata becomes much more important, especially as more organizat

A Brush With Genius: Analytics Help Detect Art Fraud

8-Aug-2012 | Irfan Khan

Vincent van Gogh, Wheatfield with a Reaper, 1889 Image credit: MicheleLovesArt/Flickr When those of us in the analytics field think about fraud detection, we generally focus on credit card frau

Data Analytics Can Help Feed Planet

1-Aug-2012 | Irfan Khan

Millions of people living today in the Horn of East Africa are currently at risk from a devastating drought. Tens of thousands of refugees have already migrated to other parts of the region. While the

Data: The Most Precious Commodity

30-Jul-2012 | Irfan Khan

When you type “data is like oil” into Google you get 522 million results; while doing so in Bing yields a mere 270 million links. Do the same search substituting “gold” for “oil” and you g

Political Gamesmanship: Massachusetts Aims To Be First in Big Data

27-Jul-2012 | Irfan Khan

A savvy politician will latch on to a good idea when it means long-term investments and jobs for his or her constituents. That's what Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has done by announcing the cr

A Nose for News: Analytics-Inspired Journalism

27-Jul-2012 | Irfan Khan

Most of what passes for news follows the well-trod path of he-said/she-said journalism. A reporter gets an assignment, interviews as many people as possible, then fills the story with on-air or in-pri