Irfan Khan


Protect Yourself When Working With Big Data Startups

8-Oct-2012 | Irfan Khan

Partnering with a big data startup is a gamble, so choose well. The big data investment bandwagon is getting crowded. In August another investment group announced it was launching a new fund targetin


Big Data May Ensure Sustainable Sushi

2-Oct-2012 | Irfan Khan

Back in 1970, well before the eating of raw fish became so popular among global gourmands, bluefin tuna, the fish that becomes the delectable Maguro sushi and sashimi on our plates, sold for about fi

Northern Lights: Arctic Fiber Nets Open New Bandwidth Horizon

1-Oct-2012 | Irfan Khan

Big data is driving the need for big networks – networks that can shave milliseconds off transmission times. What would you pay to save 20 milliseconds? Two trans-oceanic projects are betting you


Dark Data Tells Many Tales

27-Sep-2012 | Irfan Khan

Every enterprise accumulates dark data. Companies don't try to hoard this unanalyzed information, it just happens because it's created almost everywhere. Servers in data centers generate an enormou


Gartner Dead Wrong About Big Data Hype Cycle

26-Sep-2012 | Irfan Khan

Big data is just about to hit its "peak of inflated expectations", according to Gartner's 2012 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. Me? Expectations aren't inflated enough. Gartner's Hype Cycle fo


NFL Big Data Blitz: Don’t Punt; Go For It!

24-Sep-2012 | Irfan Khan

American football can be perplexing to the uninitiated because of its complexity compared to the rest of the world's true football. However, that complexity does have an upside. It creates plenty of o

You Can Write, But You Can’t Hide. Big Data Knows Your Writing Quirks

11-Sep-2012 | Irfan Khan

As I wrote recently, data scientists have been able to decode unstructured data to accurately predict where violence will occur in Afghanistan. Now, they can also mine unstructured data to determin

Big Data Owes Big Debt To Open Source

10-Sep-2012 | Irfan Khan

Recently, I delivered a keynote at the annual Red Hat Summit and JBoss World conference, an event that drove home the importance of open source technology. Without open source technology we’d be

Here And Now: The New Era of Real-Time Distributed Data Management

7-Sep-2012 | Irfan Khan

The world’s vast troves of data are distributed. Increasingly, we need to access that information in real time. To get that real-time access, we must build advanced distributed data management syste


The Odds Favor a Career In Analytics

6-Sep-2012 | Irfan Khan

Serious students, particularly at the graduate level, don’t roll the dice with their futures. They consider the job landscape, potential pay, career growth and more when they decide what field to st