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Is Your Database A Dinosaur?

13-Nov-2012 | Irfan Khan

Savvy CIOs are beginning to come to terms with "technology debt," the burden of outdated technology they have accumulated over the generations of IT. The need for a fresh start is being driven home

Forecasting the Present

Nowcasting: Big Data Predicts The Present

12-Nov-2012 | Irfan Khan

Big data is the key ingredient for predicting the present, or nowcasting, as it's called. Conceptually, it seems silly to use resources to predict the present. After all, we all live in the present


Machine-to-Machine Communications Will Generate Really Big Data

7-Nov-2012 | Irfan Khan

Wireless communications carriers may soon be faced with an unprecedented dilemma: Will they give preference on their networks to people chatting and texting on their mobile devices or to things jabber

millennials waits for customer service

Customer Service: Get Big Data On The Call

2-Nov-2012 | Irfan Khan

Few things frustrate consumers more than interacting with an enterprise’s customer service staff. Most people hate the very idea of it. Despite companies deploying various automated systems ove

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Falling RAM Prices Drive In-Memory Database Surge

24-Oct-2012 | Irfan Khan

Companies confronting their big data opportunities face the ever-present enterprise IT problem: performance. Once IT has gathered the relevant information and stored it on hard disk drives (HDD) ready


Election 2012: Voters Turned Off By Political Promotions Tailored To Them

24-Oct-2012 | Irfan Khan

86% of Americans say they abhor political promotions tailored specifically to them as individuals Next month voters in the United States will cast ballots for the next president of their country, amo


Why Doctors Should Crowdsource Your Medical Diagnosis

18-Oct-2012 | Irfan Khan

When you visit a physician's clinic or office you often see their diplomas and certificates proudly displayed on their walls. They are posted to assure patients that their physician is an expert, educ

What Will Make Your Business Great?

How To Derive Value From Data: First, Know What Will Make Your Business Great

18-Oct-2012 | Irfan Khan

In an interview with the MIT Sloan Management Review, Jeanne Ross, the director and principal research scientist at the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research, was asked how a business

money representing treasury

Big Bucks For Big Data

11-Oct-2012 | Irfan Khan

Not everyone believes big data is a big concern. Is it just the latest headline scare to boost a CIO's budget? Is it merely an incremental step in IT's growing importance for business? Or is it merely


Data Management Discontent: Time For Change

10-Oct-2012 | Irfan Khan

An unpublished study commissioned by SAP and completed in July by IDG found discontent with data management systems brewing among IT executives. The survey of Computerworld's Inner Circle Research Pan