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Getting From A To B: Location Services A Big Data Opportunity For Retailers

26-Dec-2012 | Irfan Khan

Retailers have always known the value of where. After all, the first question any retailer must answer correctly is where to open a storefront. Get it right and customers stroll in and spend money; g


Where Does Big Data Come From? Look In The Mirror

24-Dec-2012 | Irfan Khan

Source: striatic/Flickr Consider Facebook -- a big data company, if there ever was one. It’s where the term “data scientist” originated. Yet, without you and me, it’s not a business. It re


Data Geeks Get It Right Again

14-Dec-2012 | Irfan Khan

The recent US presidential election puts one more nail in the coffin of managing by gut feel. Weeks prior to Election Day, the data indicated a victory for the sitting President. Business leaders sti


Where’s The Big Data In Healthcare IT? Look In The Mirror

12-Dec-2012 | Irfan Khan

Our personal big data store, roughly 150 zettabytes, may allow medical practitioners the ability to craft more precise diagnoses and treatments tailored to our individual bodies. In my previous pos


Reduce Risk In Real-Time

11-Dec-2012 | Irfan Khan

Whether in response to the 2008 financial crisis or this year's LIBOR scandal, governments across the globe are tightening regulations for the financial industry in order to reduce market volatilit


The Big Deal About Healthcare IT

3-Dec-2012 | Irfan Khan

The U.S. healthcare industry is arguably the world’s largest, most inefficient information enterprise, but interoperable EHRs may help trim up to $371 billion annually. Among all industries, heal


KPI Dashboard A Must For SMBs To Drive Business

29-Nov-2012 | Irfan Khan

When most people think about a big data environment they envision a classic 3-V situation: a large enterprise wrestling with massive volumes of information, arriving at incredible velocity and compris


The FAA’s Ambitious NextGen Program Gets Big Data Boost

27-Nov-2012 | Irfan Khan

This satellite-based traffic management system is expected to replace the country's aging ground-based radar traffic control system between now and 2025.  If you fly as much as I do, which is to s


Analytics Could Save Social Networks As Marketing Tool

27-Nov-2012 | Irfan Khan

To tweet or not to tweet? If you do, analytics could help refine your social media marketing strategies. This has been a difficult year for social media. Google+ has been declared a ghost town. T

IT Under Big Data Barrage

IT Under Big Data Barrage

20-Nov-2012 | Irfan Khan

Hollywood loves explosions. Few scenes offer more bang for the buck, literally, than a battle scene where a soldier screams "Incoming!" just as bombs start falling from every direction. CIOs must f