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CIOs: Agents Of Change In The Digital Economy

18-May-2016 | Irfan Khan

Chief information officers I meet with often find themselves in a quandary. They have played a critical role for their organization by “keeping the lights on” – ensuring that technologies and sy

Make 2015 The Year You Tame Technology Complexity

12-Jan-2015 | Irfan Khan

It's almost impossible to pick up a business magazine or have a conversation with a colleague that doesn't turn to the promise of Big Data and its insights.  Proponents claim that it will transform e

Big Data, The Internet Of Things, And The Fourth V

30-Dec-2014 | Irfan Khan

This is part three in a four-part series. You can read part one here and part two here. In a recent piece about our rapidly growing data footprints, I wrote about a jet engine that has been made clea

Subtlety, Complexity, And The Future Of Retail

20-Feb-2014 | Irfan Khan

Why is the future so difficult to predict? It is easy enough to jot down a few paragraphs on a given future topic, say the future of the retail industry and the impact that big data will have on it, b


Without Big Data Life As We Know It Would Be Impossible

17-Jan-2013 | Irfan Khan

Imagine your life today without big data. It’s not conceivable.   Try booking an international flight without big data. For a boarding pass to be generated, your itinerary must pass through a few


Analytics For All: The Promise of Big Data

17-Jan-2013 | Irfan Khan

Analytics has been around for decades. It got its start back in the 1960s, with decision-support systems running on the then-new IBM 360 mainframes. In the 1970s, analytics got a boost when spreads

accelerated innovation through cloud solutions

Speedy In-Memory Databases Put Lid On Costs

14-Jan-2013 | Irfan Khan

Source: cornelius30 With big data raining down on enterprises, it's DBAs (database administrators) who are stuck trying to weather the storm. Their work is particularly arduous because vast increa


Sexiest Geek Alive: The Data Scientist

10-Jan-2013 | Irfan Khan

Collecting and storing big data, while extremely challenging, is simple compared to deriving value from it. That's because, for the most part, the storing and collecting of big data primarily presents


Spend Pennies In The Cloud For Big Data Analytics

7-Jan-2013 | Irfan Khan

Whether your company is big or small, innovation will make you successful. Gaining insights about your market before your competitors will give you a distinct advantage in delivering exciting new

NSF Revises Big Data Research Grant Process

27-Dec-2012 | Irfan Khan

Governments on both sides of the Atlantic are investing in big data research. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being made available to scholars and researchers to explore the potential of big