Ina Felsheim

We, Not Me: The Impact Of Siloed BI Thinking

8-Oct-2015 | Ina Felsheim

The final blog in my 3-part series, this post addresses convincing the various lines of business and departments that the needs of the "we" outweigh the needs of "me." Example 1 A consumer packaged go

When Good Is Good Enough: Guiding Business Users On BI Practices

1-Oct-2015 | Ina Felsheim

In Part One of this blog series, I talked about changing your IT culture to better support self-service BI and data discovery. Absolutely essential. However, your work is not done! Self-service BI

Changing The IT Culture For Self-Service BI Success

18-Sep-2015 | Ina Felsheim

IT culture has largely been established around the high demands of enterprise reporting and corporate dashboards. These demands have inspired IT to set up strict rules for governance, policies, and se

Hey, Where Did You Get Your Data?

27-Apr-2015 | Ina Felsheim

In this 5-part series, I’ll walk you through some of the details around trusted data discovery, or governed data discovery. The goal is to get you past the mom-and-apple-pie idea of trusted data dis

Get Off That IT Treadmill With A Product Management Practice

6-Nov-2014 | Ina Felsheim

One of the consistent themes I hear from IT is that a line of business of department bought its own tool, and then handed it off to IT to support. Also, many times when we ask IT what features their i

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Financial Reform: Protect Yourself With An Agile Information Architecture

17-Mar-2014 | Ina Felsheim

Remember the financial meltdown? Experts still can’t decide if we’re on the road to recovery…how long that road may be…or even if there is a road. As a nation, though, we did agree to more ove

Get Your Hands Dirty, Data Scientists!

21-Nov-2013 | Ina Felsheim

Have you read Gartner’s research note on Defining and Differentiating the Role of the Data Scientist? You can hardly read anything about enterprise information management (EIM) without bumping into

What is Dirty Data Costing You?

What is Dirty Data Costing You?

2-Apr-2013 | Ina Felsheim

How Bad Can Dirty Data Be? Intrinsically, you know that you need good data. But how far do you need to go to tidy up dirty data? What are the real costs incurred if you DON’T have clean data? 


Can Information Governance Help Me Find My TV?

4-Feb-2013 | Ina Felsheim

USA reported an interesting story about a musician who ordered a Westinghouse TV from Amazon (purchased from a third party provider). Some of you probably did that yourself over the holidays. He

Poor Data Quality

Need Help Selling Your Information Governance Initiative?

23-Oct-2012 | Ina Felsheim

If you’re one of the many who isn’t yet tracking metrics and constantly reporting business value achieved through your efforts, you can use the Gartner whitepaper statistic below to help you quant