Ian Thain

Is It iTime For iOS?

22-Feb-2013 | Ian Thain

There have been quite a lot of rumors these last few weeks with regards to Apple reportedly working on an iWatch. I was wondering what they would gain with such a move? Some have pointed out that the

The Most Strategic Weapon In Your Mobile Arsenal

12-Dec-2012 | Ian Thain

Nowadays Mobile should be at the centre of your corporate strategy, if it is not then you are probably missing out on some major cost saving and streamlining benefits to your business through innovat


Looking Back in Mobile

6-Nov-2012 | Ian Thain

On returning from an awesome SAP TechEd in Las Vegas, I was waiting in the departure lounge for my Virgin Atlantic flight and looked through the iTunesU videos I had on my iPad2. There I saw the A

Light the Enterprise Mobile Blue Touch Paper [Video]

13-Sep-2012 | Ian Thain

It is common knowledge in Business that Mobile is the New Enterprise and that Mobile is Now! Meaning that you should have a strategy to build Mobile Apps that mobilize your core systems and free your

Exploring The Mobile Innovation Council

24-Aug-2012 | Ian Thain

In previous articles I mentioned the MIC and the CMoO, but as a recap let me again explain here... The Mobile Innovation Council’s Team should contain 10 to 20 key members such as, skilled repres

Build Mobile Apps For The World

23-Aug-2012 | Ian Thain

I mentioned in a previous article that Mobile Apps cross many boundaries... Consumer, Social, Geographic, Language & Business. What I firmly believe this that from this list two stand out in the l

Empower Your Workforce Today

22-Aug-2012 | Ian Thain

One thing I feel so strongly about as a Mobile Evangelist, and I guess I should do, is that Mobile is Empowering!!! Not only in the Consumer space as we already know by the mLifestyle that we all seem

Mobile Is Building for the Future!

15-Aug-2012 | Ian Thain

It came to me whilst watching the London 2012 Olympics and after reading Eric Lai's blog last week that mentioned Mobile Apps used during the Olympics, that not only is London 2012 aiming to Inspire

Fatal Attraction to Mobile

6-Aug-2012 | Ian Thain

It was reported last week that currently in the UK our communication habits are shifting to digital-based chat via Messaging/Texting/SMS as the most common form of daily contact between friends and fa

Enterprise Complexity to Mobile Simplexity

1-Aug-2012 | Ian Thain

A few days ago a number of tweets caught my eye. Both appeared fortuitously within a minute of each other. Separately they were powerful in their own rights but together they made me think and reaffir