Hollis Thomases

Why ‘Big Data’ Is a Big Deal

15-Jun-2012 | Hollis Thomases

In a world generating and storing tons of data every day, business owners need to learn how to harness it to get an edge. There's a behavioral marketing concept that goes something like this: The a

Google AdWords: 12 Essential Dos & Don’ts

7-Jun-2012 | Hollis Thomases

Managing Google AdWords campaigns is easy, right? You just pick a bunch of keywords, establish budgets, enter your credit card and you're done. Sure, but you're probably on your way to helping Goog

Go Mobile: 6 Baby Steps

16-May-2012 | Hollis Thomases

Sure, "mobile marketing" sounds intimidating. But check out these easy ways to get your feet wet. You can't talk about digital marketing–or even social media–without acknowledging the growing i